Creatures Of The Night - Part 6

Cale continued to run.

How dare he.... how dare he question the strength of the werewolf race!? Rage burned in the backs of his eyes, and he roared. He lept onto a branch and furiously began to punch the trunk of the tree.

"Why didn't I kill you!? You should have died where you stood! You are a traitor to your people and your own brother!!"

Cale felt his knees give out, and he sat alone on the branch. He looked down at his hands, and saw various cuts and swelling along his knuckles. He licked his wounded hand, savoring the taste of his blood and the dull throb moving up and down his fingers.

Cale leaned back and closed his eyes. He had to clear his head. No good could come from acting too hastily out of anger.

In truth, he still loved his little brother more than anything. However, Liek's actions were dangerous. Cale was torn. Liek had broken the laws of the werewolves by denouncing his heritage. In doing so, he would either be exiled or killed by the council. Cale began to question himself out loud. It helped him think clearly.

"If I tell the council what Liek has done, could I convince them to give him a lighter punishment?"

No, they will not agree with those terms. The laws of the werewolves are not so flexible, I should know that by now.

"So what if I simply don't tell them?"

If they find out I was covering Liek's tracks, I would surely be punished alongside my brother.

"Then I'll run away with him! We'll go somewhere far, where the werewolves won't find us!"

No, that would be foolish. I know as well as anybody else that our scent can be picked up by the assassins. They would find us in a heartbeat and kill us. And what would Liek think of me if I came crawling back to him? He would surely lose all respect for me if I told him I wanted to stay with him after what was said.

Cale stood up. He had made up his mind. He would explain his case to the council, and hopefully they would simply send him back to find his brother. He was sure that they would show some mercy. After all, Liek never completed his initiation of his own free will. He was attacked, and he defended himself. Surely he was still a child by law.

Cale sped home as fast as he could. He had to tell the council. There was nothing else he could do.


Cale knelt in front of the council. The journey was difficult with all that he had on his mind weighing him down. He couldn't believe he was ready to do this.

"Elders, I come to you with grave news about my younger brother." Cale began.
"It seems that Liek cannot take on the responsibilities of an adult. I've tried my best to show him the ways of the Werewolves, yet he believes that men don't deserve death."
"And you have come here to make sure he is put to death? You are willing to sell out your own brother?"
"On the contrary. I come here asking you to show mercy to my brother. He is still a child, according to our law. He has not yet killed a man of his own free will."
"But he has still killed a man?"
"Yes. He has. I witnessed it."
"If he has seen the brutality of men, and still chooses to live amongst them, we find Liek's decision to be highly insulting to our heritage."

Cale broke out into a cold sweat. This was not good.

"I understand, but-"
"It is not in the council's best interest to allow a werewolf to embarrass his own race by living amongst the humans, child or not. The fact remains, Liek knew the consequences of his actions, yet he chose to be a traitor. For that, we cannot allow him to live."
"With all due respect, elders, I beg you to reconsider this course of action!"
"We understand that he is your brother, Cale. However, in choosing to live amongst the humans, he has also chosen to accept a human death by the nails of a werewolf. Our decision has been made."

Cale jumped to his feet.

"NO!! I cannot let this happen! I understand full well that he has chosen to accept the punishment fit for a human, but surely we can show mercy to one of our own kind in this case!"
"How DARE you expect us to be merciful to a traitor!? You will hold your tongue, boy!"

Cale knelt down again.

"Forgive me, I did not mean to insult the council."
"We will overlook your outburst for now. However, we have also decided that since you have failed in teaching him properly how to live as one of us, you yourself cannot go unpunished."

Cale felt his stomach drop.

"The council has decided that you will lead the assassins to your brother, and that his blood shall be on your hands. You are dismissed."

to be continued....

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