Creatures Of The Night - The Beginning - Part 6

It was approaching dusk when Leyon and the others were led to the human town. He could see the human women backing away in fear as their children tugged at their dresses and pointed excitedly. He could see the men pulling their families inside to keep them away from the shackled monsters.

Leyon scoffed. Even though they claimed themselves to be the most powerful race, humans were little more than animals, instinctively fleeing from anything that they realized was superior to them. Even still, Leyon couldn't help but feel a growing nervousness inside of him as he approached the castle.

What horrors would greet him and the others?

"Follow me." Isaac said shortly.

Leyon reluctantly obeyed. There was nothing he could do as he, for the first time in his entire life, was separated from his brethren.


"What happened?" Siras asked the elders.
"The humans came in and took everybody by force. Elder Delos was unable to hide in time, and he was taken as well." One of the elders stammered.

Feras knelt on the ground, waves of nausea sweeping over him. The entire werewolf race could potentially be destroyed with the capture of a single elder. The humans could learn the werewolf secrets, the locations of other villages, the werewolf traditions..... Entire villages could be wiped out if they realized the kind of information they had.

"And what of Leyon? Where is he?" Ajin asked.

The elders shrugged. Siras was immediately infuriated by their answer.

"You do not know!? What good are you as our leaders if you can only give orders while you sit upon your thrones, yet run and hide during the heat of battle!?" He exploded.
"How dare you-"
"You will keep those holes in your faces closed, or I will pierce them shut myself!" Siras roared.

The elders were taken aback by this. Never in their entire lives were they met with such an open threat by one of their own kind. They could see how serious he was, however, and obeyed. There was no need to risk provoking him any further. Ajin could see in his eyes that Siras would surely lose his mind if the subject wasn't changed.

"What do you suggest we do, Siras?" He asked.
"I do not care what you choose to do. If you wish to stand by these corpses while our very existence is threatened, then you may do just that. I, however, will find the fourth elder with or without your help."
"You will do no such thing! You are going to stay here and rebuild this village!!" One of the elders yelled.

Siras' eyes darkened with rage as he stepped forward, ready to impale the offending elder. Ajin stepped in front of Siras and put his hand on his chest to stop him.

"No, Siras. They are nothing more than powerless old men. Leave them be." He said softly.

Siras lowered his hands and gave a small nod to Ajin, before turning his back on the elders and walking out.

"To hell with you and your orders. I will never take the advice of an old fool, let alone three of them." He snarled.

Ajin turned away from the flustered elders and walked out himself. He couldn't stand by and do nothing, knowing his village needed him.

Feras watched his twin brother and his friend walk out. As noble as Siras' intentions were, he could only wonder: What if the elders were right? Were they going on a suicide mission? It was only the other day that they were initiated as adults. Were they really ready for such an undertaking? Everything was too confusing.

Feras left the council chambers to follow his brother and Ajin, and then promptly vomited.


"What are we doing here?" Leyon asked quietly.
"Don't you worry. The king'll be wiv ya soon." Isaac answered.

Leyon stood in front of the king's throne by Sir Isaac. Soldiers stood on all sides of the room, keeping careful watch over Leyon. He could smell their fear in the air. Leyon smiled to himself. When the time came, these men would be simple enough to slaughter. But before Leyon could plot his escape any further, all of the men in the room dropped to their knee and bowed as a figure stepped into the room. Leyon was both shocked and angered when he saw the king's face:

It was the face of a mere boy. He couldn't have been any older than thirteen.

"You must be Sir Leyon." The boy spoke. "My name is Vincent."

Leyon immediately had the urge to crush Vincent's throat as the boy smiled with confidence and held out his hand. Leyon looked away.

"Please, let us not be so hostile to one another. I would much rather we be friends than enemies."
"Do not speak to me as if I were one of your playmates, boy. I find your actions against my people nothing short of hostile."

Vincent frowned and sat on his throne.

"I believe it was YOUR actions that were hostile, Sir Leyon. Do you not remember murdering fifty-three of my men?"
"They were trespassing. We gave them fair warning."
"I may be young, but only a fool of a king would allow such actions to go unpunished."

Leyon stepped forward and leered at the boy king. It was an insult to be threatened by somebody so young.

"You have brought me here for your revenge? Then please, come and carry out my punishment, King Vincent. Otherwise, stop wasting my time."
"Must you always be so violent? I have a much better idea that I believe will be beneficial to us all. With your cooperation, you and the lives of your kind will be spared."

Leyon's grin faded and he began to see red. The hopelessness of the situation took hold, and in his frustration, he finally snapped.

"I refuse to negotiate with swine!!"

One soldier jumped forward and grabbed Leyon by the shoulders and was met with a swift kick to the chest. Leyon felt the satisfying crack of several of the man's ribs. Isaac immediately jumped on top of Leyon and wrestled him to his knees. Leyon felt swords pricking his neck.

"The werewolf race has been portrayed in human stories as hulking, wolf-like beasts. Although most werewolves are slightly smaller than humans, a werewolf my age could rip apart even the mightiest human warrior. Contrary to popular fables and lore, the only thing wolf-like about you is your heightened sense of smell, speed, and your 'claws'." Vincent recited, while pointing to Leyon's thumbnails.

Leyon stared back at the boy in shock. How did he know!?

"I can understand the stories, as it would be rather difficult for one of your warriors to explain to his companions how something half his size nearly ripped him apart. Now, who told you all of this!?"

Vincent smiled and made a motion with his hand. Leyon's mouth dropped open in a comical mixture of fright, shock, and rage when one of the elders in the village stood next to Vincent with a despicable grin on his face.

"Sir Leyon, allow me to introduce you to Sir Delos, village elder, and my personal chief advisor."

to be continued....

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