Creatures Of The Night - The Beginning - Part 9

My dear Leyon. Are you truly so blinded by the hypocrisy of your own people? How many men have you slain in the name of your proud race? What was it all for?

Evil, you say?
Men are evil?

I suppose their vanity is infuriating to witness in conjunction with their weakness. Yet it is your kind that blathers on about how it is only the humans who will stop at nothing to slaughter each other. However, the very rules of your society is a perfect mirror of the brutality you claim to despise!

Has it occurred to you, great warrior Leyon, that we are all one and the same? Why do you insist that your race is that much different from the Humans and Vampires, when you yourselves would not be able to discern between the three had it not been for your overgrown nails and physical prowess, the humans' frailty and creativity, and the Vampire's hypnotic capabilities?

Yes, Leyon. The stories you have heard of our kind have grown more grandiose over time along with the stories I've heard of yours. Is it not a bit ironic that the very name of your people was given to you by the humans themselves?

You are no more wolves than we are bats. It is merely our minds that they fear.

What you saw earlier was merely a show. A trick, if you will. The humans would be quick to call it sorcery, but hypnosis can do far more than any of us realize. The Vampires are nothing more than students of the mind. We have been unlocking its secrets for generations. Your physical abilities are nothing more than a case of what Human monks have dubbed, "Mind over Matter".

Your simple belief that you are as strong as you are is what makes you so powerful. The strength of your kind comes not from your muscles, but from the power of your very will. Elder Delos has been working with us, teaching us how to master this unique skill.

I have come to you, Leyon, with an offer that you yourself would hesitate to turn down.

Join us.

We will expand your mind to new heights, and instill you with power that your kind has never known to exist. I will teach you to see into the future with much more clarity than even your elders could hope for. You will become the greatest warrior of your kind. You will be able to trick your enemies into forgetting your face from second to second, becoming invisible to anybody you choose.

You will be the the perfect killer, Leyon. After learning what we have to teach you, you will be able to free your people. I trust that you will make the right decision.

After all, even after your remarkable feats of physical strength and our seemingly endless evolution, our thirst for power will continue to consume us. It is only natural that we pursue this.

Do you know why, Leyon?

It is because we are all human.

to be continued......

Uploaded 10/29/2008
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