Credit Completion coming to an end!!

For those of you are not longer in highschool and may not know what credit completion is, here is what it is. Credit Completion is basically a summer school but it's not. You have to wake up early at 6 am and go to school to make up the credits you didn't gain from being absent to school. You do nonstop work and listen to an old lady rambling on about nothing. She is basically a rule freak. She knows everything about the rules and doesn't give anybody a break. I been going the past twelve days and am so fucking bummed that i have to walk 2 and a half miles home everyday after Credit Completion. For the past twelve days I had to go there for 5 hours each day, but now I am on my last 3 days and only have to stay for 2 periods, which is an hour and twenty mins. Cant wait to get out of there then go to the Bronx so I can get all that stuff over with and finaly start my summer!!


Uploaded 07/15/2009
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