I am well aware that many find me attractive. Judging by some people's reactions, I can tell that there's also a feeling of dislike towards me coming from ugly and/or unsuccessful people. I'm not just a pretty face. I am smart and educated, more than that , I'm talented. This is a mix that people often don't like. Many are jealous, because they don't have many friends or wished they were as pretty as me.

You can witness acts of jealously on this website. Especially since a lot of the trolls here are losers with no life. They will attack other people without any reason. And become obsessed when a reason is given.

Since I'm a quality blogger, I usually get attacked by the people who lack writing talent. It's natural for them to hate me, because I'm an enemy in their natural habitat. A swan in the world of ugly ducks. A talented swan.

But there are limits in troll attacks and giving out somebody's personal information is one of them.

Yesterday wasn't the first time somebody posted my name. Some time ago a user under the name MemphisT56 posted a blog where he used a screen shot of a mirror account of my facebook page (after I wrote a blog about facebooking and included screen shots of my profile with the name blurred out). He not only asked people to find my fb profile. He was proud of it, like it was some achievement. Somebody made a mirror account of mine (he says it wasn't him) and he used it for his blog. Giving out somebody's full name and birthplace is against the site's rules. But he was just scolded by one of the mods.

I  told him more than once to deactivate the mirror account, every time he refused acting like it's not a big deal. Last week he bragged about working for the site and spammed pointless messages in my profile. He's clearly obsessed with me. I don't think he's dangerous, though.

Another user who gave out my info was HunterDad. One time I got a facebook friend invitation from a guy saying he's Falthor from Ebaumsworld. I asked him where did he get my facebook from. He said that from HunterDad. I don't know what was the reason of that guy giving out my fb profile to people on here, it was rather weird. That guy was also obsessed with me. He found my youtube, kept 1starring my blogs and asked his buddies to do the same. Very sad individual.

Recently 2 people joined the stalker game. Letemdangle and GIJoe posted their blogs yesterday, both claiming I'm threatening them. They posted their blogs almost at the same time, of course. I would probably ignore their troll attempt if not for one detail.

GIJoe placed a website address containing my personal info in his blog. This is beyond trolling. That is against the law. Also, he accused me of a phishing attempt, which I've never done, and sending threats. I usually ignore losers like him. GIJoe is one sick puppy and I have the right to sue if not him, then the website if he gives out my personal information again. I understand he's an ugly, undereducated loser who can't write a decent blog, so he's hating on the gorgeous Baumshell. But using somebody's personal information is not only creepy - it's a piece of shit move, even for a man like GIJoe.

I already notified the staff about the whole thing. UsedCarMan deleted GIJoe's blog and PepperPeanuts is on the case of info leak. Now GIJoe is in trouble for his childish behavior.

If you have an obsessed troll after you and he's harassing you, contact the staff. They are very nice and helpful people. They also have all the logs and shit to prove the trolls harassing you, even if they delete their blogs/comments

Big cheers to the quality bloggers that supported me during yesterdays's fight with that GIJoe creep. Especially to you, Fetismo!

Neko, The Troll Slayer

Uploaded 06/27/2011
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