Criminally Insane

Yes, peeps, I had offered GI Joe that I would send a message to neko's fake fb account if he wanted me to, considering it still belonged to the original user. A lot of you were up for it, but of course, theft of stats, photos - an entire identity, is too common pretty much anywhere.

Of course, we know the entire thing is stolen, but after some discussion on the plan a few of us decided on something far more likely - albeit, no better for neko's credibility factor, but on the contrary, adding a criminal element to the already expressed mental illness factor:

Aug 09, 2011 06:17 am

The problem with sending a PM to that FB account is
that the account does appear to belong to someone
from EBW. Also, under basic information, it says: "I
always win. Even when I'm wrong." That is exactly what
specstorm's EBW profile page says. What we think is
this: neko/specstorm created that FB page using a real
FB user's account info, but changed the name. If anyone
here sent a facebook pm to that account, you know neko
would get the pm, not the person depicted in the picture...
But at least we know that you were correct from when you
first noticed through his attempts at the Japanese language
that he is a fraud.

Some hours after the fact, some uber-new user tried to goad me into sending a message to a profile that was a rip-off in the first place, and since I don't fall for shit easily, I guess he's been too scared to answer me back - even though I would've liked to let him know that either way:

I don't have a facebook.

It would've probably been one of my interwebz friends from one of a dozen countries testing the waters, and anyway, an impersonation flag would only do us all so much without the real girl's proper profile or ID info to link it to.

What is important, though, is that it turns out impersonating anyone via the web, by identity cloning alone, is illegal in all 50 states. Just using a picture of someone else, even if all information is yours, can get you time - up to 30 years for felony standards.  We're not exactly sure what the punishment is for I.D. cloning photos AND all original profile information, but offenses are deemed more severe for ongoing theft...

That is, multiple interchanging pictures and certain other profile/wall tidbits that indicate not only that the original info stolen, but the impostor is continually checking the original, still active user for new updates on falsities to peddle. Sure, to a site like fb this may result in a permaban, but to this real girl, it's a very sue-able discovery.

Not only have users been jailed and imprisoned for simple trolling, but in fact, facebook is the first social networking site to pay out on a lawsuit due to identity cloning, defamation, and invasion of privacy - the suit marked the first successful verdict regarding such claims on a networking site.

From fb's help forum:

Written by Forum Admin on October 4, 2010 | Posted in Facebook Help

If you are impersonating someone on facebook, is it illegal? And any punishment under cyber laws? Infact can u be traced?

Has anyone been booked so far for making fake profiles of their friends or impersonating an ordinary guy?

Not intended to make a profit out of it. Just for fun.

-Facebook says when you first get one that Nicknames and fake names or someone elses name, and all that crap is a NO NO. Impersonating is illegal(unless its elvis haha never mind). Point is, Facebook is for people to find people they know, not chat with random people like Gamelord1000(example). Save it for the chatrooms. You will just annoy people and get kicked off of FB. If it becomes a big issue, you will be tracked and HUNTED DOWN. Dude, its not worth it.

-Impersonation is against the law, so yes it would be illegal. You can be traced easily as Facebook will keep log files of all activity. Law enforcement agencies will be able to track you down via your ISP.

-i made a fake facebook for a teacher of mine and someone told him about it, im not expelled but i have to go talk to the police and probly getting charged, you dont want to make one, it will most likly ruin ya life like it pre much has done to me, i got no cautions left and im still 13 turning 14 :S i never ment to hurt this teacher just thought it would be funny :/ not laughing anymore tho

All of this is not so much enough to make you laugh at but feel sad for him all at once, but admitting to - and bragging over - a crime against a young girl is something entirely... insane.

Maybe this is the excuse they'll use at his future trials.
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