crook takes pawn, part 65

Greg felt the rejuvenation of a good nights sleep. Nothing worried or plagued him. Rebecca's warmth and closeness was the cure to all ailments. She was showering again, but Greg left her to privacy. He donned the bathrobe from last night. Rebecca had bought it specifically from a big and tall store, with his guesstimated measurements. Greg had never worn a taylor-made anything, much less an elegant silky blue bathrobe. Greg scrounged and found a box of his favorite cinnamon-flavored cereal. It was yet another reason to join with Rebecca. They had the same taste in over-sugared, unhealthy sweet cereal. Greg poured a heaping bowl of the stuff and doused it with milk. he flipped on the small 12 inch LCD TV on the coutner. The design of the mount was ingenious. It swiveled back and forth on a pivoting base, which was screwed into the bottom of the cabinet. It was like the TV had a flexible neck with which to angle your best view.
    Rebecca had satellite, over 300 channels, none of which she ever watched, according to her. Greg spent most of his time just surfing the many stations. Occasionally he would shovel a spoonful of dairy and corn-syrup based product into his mouth and chew. It was only 7am. Greg's days were getting more and more early. When sleeping over, he found himself eager to wake up as soon as possible, to start the day. He hadn't felt this influx of joy since he was graduating high-school, and things still felt within his grasp. Greg had regained that youthful exuberance.
    Rebecca jumbled down the stairs, with Julie in her arm. Julie's hair was wild and spiked from her recent rest. The bunny suit looked equally well-worn, and Julie was fidgeting ceaselessly. rebecca locked eyes with him and held Julie at arms-lenghtth in offering. Greg took Julie unspokenly. Rebecca grabbed a bowl for herself, as well as a kiddy container, with which to feed Julie. The small child had a sweet tooth of her own. Her eyes lit up at the image on the box. She recognized the shape. Seeing the milk in Greg's bowl, she reaches a hand out to clutch at it. She has a faux stance, her tiny legs standing on Greg's lap. Greg's hands supported her from behind, giving her the illusion of independence.
    "Greg, she's gonna grab that," Rebecca warns. Greg picks up the bowl with one hand and intends to dump it in the sink. Julie senses the inevitable departure of the sweetened milk, and she whines loudly. Greg swings the bowl up to Julie's mouth and tips it ever so slowly. Julie laps up the milk thirstily. With a hearty exhale, Julie smacks her lips. It feels communal to Greg, the sharing or nutrients with her. Families don't worry about germs. Greg is about to pat her back to burp her, but Julie is way ahead of him. She emits a thunderous belch that makes Rebecca snort with laughter.
    "She's the 'lil foghorn!!" Rebecca jokes, "I'm surprised, she usually doesn't like milk. I usually give her cereal dry."
    Greg tests this theory by pouring more milk in Julie's kiddie dish. Once securely in her high chair, Julie gets to work. At first, she reaches out and tries to drink from the bowl like earlier. Greg prevents her from making a mess, and begins to feed her with the spoon.  It's a steady pattern. Julie opens her mouth wide and Greg inserts the utensil. She bites with her teeth as Greg withdraws the spoon, and Julie chews hungrily. Success.
    Greg continues dishing out sustenance to Julie while Rebecca changes out of her own purple bathrobe. Rebecca must have gotten her robe fitted at the same shop where Greg had his, because they closely resemble his and hers clothing. He felt like Hugh Hefner, with Rebecca as his sultry sex bunny. Rebecca was introducing him to the lap of luxury. The finer things in life were now reachable.
    Once full, Julie beckons upwards with both arms, a signal to be let out of the confines of the high chair. Greg loosens the restraint of the chair tray, and goes to place her on the floor. She grunts and kicks her feet, not wanting to be let down. Julie was feeling especially affectionate today. It was all, me, me, me. Greg links his arms together behind her bottom and gives her a false angry face, with his bottom lip puffed out.
"What's the big idea, girlie?" Greg says in a playful toughly voice. Julie is bashful. Boys were still yucky. She pegs Greg's forehead with a surprisingly forceful fist. Greg grabs her wrist lightly.
    "Don't hit," he commands, "that's not nice," Julie's mouth draws down pitifully and Greg's heart sings. It is the first instruction he has ever given her authoritatively, and she has listened. Her downtrodden expression dissolves into a yawn, hands rubbing her eyelids endearingly.
    The light from Rebecca's kitchen window shines in the fuzzy goldenness of Julie's hair. The blonde must be from her biological father. Other than that, Julie is the spitting image of Rebecca. Same cute stubby nose. Same pointed cheekbones. Greg wondered how Rebecca's genes would splice with his own if they had a baby. Greg didn't have the looks, but he had a complex mind. Hopefully their progeny's traits would have the best of both worlds: Greg's smarts and Rebecca's physique.
    Greg opened Rebecca's patio door and stepped outside. It was a warm morning, but not humid. Standing on the concrete portion of Rebecca's stoop, Greg gazed down the hill towards the creek. It was a lively day for mother nature. Bullfrogs croaked, birds chirped, and the water itself flowed steadily. A monarch fluttered in front of them and Julie gasped in sheer amazement. She was easily amused. Ah, to be young again. Everything was neato torpedo. The butterfly careened drunkenly around, finally lighting upon Julie's hand. Greg could see the tiny creature's pin-like legs, the swaying antennae. The butterfly's wings flapped slowly; the white and orange membranous material seemed so fragile up close. Julie inched her hand closer to her face to get a better view, and the butterfly took off. Julie turned towards Greg and gave a look of startled bewilderment. Greg laughed and turned back inside. A gentle breeze swept across the lawn, bobbing the various flowers and cat-tails by the water at the foot of the hillside. Paradise never seemed so palpable.
    Julie yawned again and stretched, one arm tucked behind her neck, the other reaching out for nothing at all. She was so cute. Just like her mama.
 "I like ya just fine, Julie. You're pretty cool," Greg said quietly, "I love you, Ju-Ju." He wanted to test-drive the phrase on Julie, before saying it to Rebecca. It felt good to say it aloud. And it was true, he did love this little tyke.     How could he be so sure? He had only been dating Rebecca for a week. It didn't matter, Greg had voiced his reservations about speaking their emotions aloud. It was more of a reality check, to curb some of their wildness. Rebecca had her head in the clouds, and Greg might be the cooler head that would prevail. Greg still wanted to take it nice and easy, but was rapidly getting lost when in Rebecca's presence. Should he keep up this pretentious veneer? It was just a matter of telling Rebecca how he felt, but she most likely knew already. Their lives meshed together well.
    If Greg were hard-pressed to save this little girl again, there would be no hesitation. He had thought that love made him weaker, easier to drag down. It was quite the opposite, the feelings he had for the ladies in this household took him to new lofty heights. He would do anything for them; already had, in fact.
    He might be willing to die for them. It was a saying tossed around far too often, with little conviction. But Greg had already gone to the outer limits, the borders of life and death. The paramedic had said he was clinically deceased, his heart in Asistally, flatlined and unresponsive. Not much frightened Greg after that. He still retained that dark, hating side within, but it was not as all-inclusive as it had been before. He felt his own life stacked up as worthless when compared to Julie and Rebecca. He would sacrifice for them, in a heartbeat, if it came to that.
    "can I have a smooch?" Greg asks slyly, puckering his lips exaggeratedly. Julie give another coy smile, her specialty. Greg does not steal a kiss, but waits for Julie's response. After a moment of consideration, Ju-Ju leans into his lips and kisses him. Greg tilts her cheek into his mouth, smacking loudly. Julie giggles. Greg's whiskers tickle her soft skin.
    Unbeknownst to Greg, Rebecca had been listening in. Craftily sitting upon the stairs, she was obscured from his viewing angle. Her "Aunt Flow" made things very sharp and emotionally intense. She heard him proclaim his feelings for her child, and it made her cry with happiness. The desire to consummate their relationship was strong, but she was still on her rag.  Timing was everything, especially during a menstruation cycle. They would wait. Until then, Rebecca would fill his memory banks with plenty of jerk-off material.
    She originally threw on a white tee, and a boyish pair of tight punk-pants, with skinny ankle cuffs and all. But after overhearing Greg's interaction with Julie, she decided to opt for the more attractive attire. It had been ages since she had worn the yoga pants, but they still fit. There was nary a wrinkle in the material, or in Rebecca's skin, either. A snug sports-bra helped lift and support those wonderful cans of hers. Despite her insecurities, Rebecca knew she was attractive, deep inside. Plenty of dudes went out of their way to take a gander at her, enough to convince her of her looks. It just felt better to have that back-and-forth attention going both ways. Momentary looks and eye contact to strangers got old after awhile. When Greg reciprocated her signals back, it was like an unseen conversation was taking place. Today she wanted to say, look at my body, look at what you've ended up with. Growl Hiss, behave, Greggie.
    She felt his eyes glued to her body as she came down the stairs. They never really left her from that point on. He was always glancing at her, watching her bend over to tie her shoes. She announced they should go on a walk. Greg removed the stroller from its place deep in Rebecca's walk-in closet. It appeared as though Rebecca had bought every modern device ever constructed to assist in motherhood. There was an digital thermometer in the closet, next to a small first aid kit. Different ointments and balms were stacked meticulously on the shelf there. Flashlights, baby monitors, reflectors for bikes. You name it, she had it. The stroller was molded with thick plastic, but folded into itself for an impressive form factor.
    Rebecca's shoes were well-suited for their trek. They had built-in shock absorbers on the heel, which distributed the force of her steps quite well. Greg was still wearing sandals. He didn't complain, but by the end of their cruise, Greg's ankles were rubbed raw from the strap on his footwear. They alternated pushing. Julie was well-shaded from the glaring sun by a protective awning that went with the stroller. In no time flat, she was back asleep.
    Greg kept trying to get behind Rebecca, but she kept stopping altogether to wait for him to catch up. He simply wanted to enjoy the view of her bum shaking in those second-skin pants of hers. Rebecca wished him to be beside her as they walked, to talk to him. She eventually caught on to what he was doing though, and kept the lead from that point forward. It's why she wore the enticing clothes in the first place. She wasn't an astute Yoga disciple, to be sure. Greg was feeling the burn. After the mowing safari, this was by far the most exercise he'd gotten all week. Things like heart disease and diabetes were a looming nemesis now. Greg wanted to work out, if for no other reason than to live a longer life with Rebecca. Jesus Christ, was he already plotting out his whole life here?
    Lifelong planning gave way to todays priorities. Donny called Greg and asked him where he was. The remodeling of the pawn shop completely slipped Greg's mind. He was completely immersed in Rebecca's routine.
"We're waiting on you, bro," Donny says persistently, before hanging up. Greg took over the last leg of their walk, propelling Julie, who was already napping again.
    Once they returned, Greg sadly informed her he must leave.
"Still more work to do at the store," he says, "but I did get a new door!! you should really stop by when its all finished."
    "I will," she says, "I just wish you didn't have to go."
Greg is reluctant to leave. The skimpy exercise clothes interest him greatly. He hugs her, gripping her butt fondly with both hands.
"Do I make you horny, baby?" Rebecca says in a mediocre Austin Powers voice. Greg wanted nothing more than to pull those yoga pants down, along with her panties, and show exactly how she made him feel.
He slaps her ass with a firm spank. she jumps at the sting, breasts bouncing into him nicely. The sports bra adds to her natural perkiness.
"Behave," Greg says sternly.
"No promises, mister," Rebecca retorts, and grabs his butt as well.
"You can get a lot bigger handfuls of my ass, than yours," Greg jokes. Rebecca's voice grates as she exclaims, sounding like a hyper little girl.
"You're my big cuddly teddy bear!!" she says in that excited tone. They kiss a final time and Rebecca turns back to the house. Greg fires up the unsteady Lebaron and pulls out with a whump sound from the aging transmission.

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