Crook Takes Pawn Part 67

In the last episode:

It was only 9, but Greg headed to bed. Nothing seemed enjoyable on that Friday night. A sudden bout of sadness strikes him as he climbs into his shoddy bed in the loft. Being lonely was brutal. How had he managed to survive so long by himself? How could he get to sleep without Rebecca there next to him? Rebecca had refreshened his acquaintance with intimacy. He would always go it alone before. Greg hadn't counted on becoming dependent on companionship. Now, it was murderously difficult to switch back to his solo role. He was eager to get to bed. The sooner he winked out, the sooner he could reach her in the morning. The rain began to downpour, battering his ceiling with a soothing chorus of drops. It counteracted his mood, but not by much. He fell asleep, aching for his woman.

It wasn't long until a crow (a male raven) woke him up. He checked the cheap CASIO watch on his wrist - yep, it was 9:30. He slept for maybe 20 minutes. Greg couldn't manage to fall asleep. He was thinking about Rebecca. After a few more moments, he got up, took his coat and went to the park. It was 10 pm and he was sitting alone on a bench, thinking about Becky. The sweet Becky. He didn't even notice the middle-aged, muscular man behind him. "Give me your wallet!" he shouted. Greg was so surprised, he fell off the bench. "You money! Now! I have a knife!" 

Greg knew that it was smart to give the man his money and perhaps he would then go away. But Greg didn't take his money with him. He didn't need his wallet in the middle of the night, sitting on a bench in the park. But he couldn't say he didn't have the money - who would believe him? Not this guy, that's for sure. "Man, I had a rough day and I don't want this shit. I bet there's a lot of easier marks around." said Greg. "Shut it and give me your money or I'll stab you!" replied the crook, very angry. Greg didn't think clearly when he got up. Especially when he punched the man in front of him in the face. He got onto him and kept punching his face, not noticing that his knife fell out his hand the moment Greg hit him the first time. After 4 or 5 punches the crook started sobbing. Greg stopped punching his face. A few moments later the man was crying. 

Greg had no idea what to do. "Stop crying, man, you asked for it. You tried to stab me!" Greg said. The reply he got was something he wouldn't expect. "I wouldn't stab you.I needed money. My wife divorced me and took almost all my money and the house. I need the money. Do you think I chose to rob people? I.. I.. " The crook looked deep into Greg's eyes. Navy blue. He never seen eyes that blue in a man. "Your eyes are so blue..." he blurted out. Greg gasped and said "Contact lenses..."  he hesitated for a moment and if he wanted to say something, he wouldn't get a chance because the crook quickly held the back of Greg's head and landed a long kiss on his lips. GReg wanted to push him away, but he couldn't, it was like a part of him didn't want this kiss to end that quick. The crook put his hand on Greg's crotch. His penis was rock hard. The crook smiled. "Your place? My is in a shitty motel." Greg was so shocked that he only nodded.

Greg woke up the next morning, amazingly fresh. He looked at the table next to his bed where a piece of paper read "Thanks for this night, call me so we can meet up sometime, Tomlet." He dropped the paper onto the floor thinking about what happened. He thought about what was the reason he went to the park in the middle of the night. He was preparing breakfast and for the first time in weeks not thinking about Rebecca. He could only think about the pain in his ass. He had the feeling that it would still hurt him if he took Vicodin 10s. He wanted to fart, but was afraid he'd shit his pants. He rushed to the paper and opened his lighter. A grimace of self-loathing and disgust was on his face when he watched the paper burn with a orange flame.

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