Crook Takes Pawn Part 69

    Rebecca finally returned. Greg had changed her identifying ringtone to Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin, on piano. That song had played in the Piano Lounge on their first date. Donny had assisted him in setting it up, and it really evoked the lost romantic that was buried within. The tune never failed to make him smile whenever he heard it. It meant she was always within reach.
"Hello?" Greg said eagerly.
"Hey, honey, I've just got home. You can come over, if you want."
"Okay, baby. I'll see you soon."
    Soon was not fast enough. He raced over to her house, flooring the Lebaron to it's threshold. If his car gave out, maybe Rebecca would be willing to cosign a vehicle loan. Developing his credit would be beneficial, but his unpaid hospital loans would just cancel any progress he would've made. It was just a random idea, as his ride struggled across town. 
    The Lebaron puttered off as he parked it. God, he hated this car. It would give him great joy to put a brick on the accelerator and ghost-ride it into a canyon.
    Greg vaulted up the path, humming impatiently to himself and patting his leg. Had Donny seen him like that, there would've been a comparison to a strung-out junkie meeting for a fix. Rebecca appeared through the screen door. Her filtered silhouette waved to him, but passed by. Greg pulls open the screen, and sees that his lady is on the phone. She looks distressed. She also looks beautiful, but the former is much less common. She has a pen behind her ear, and has another in her hand, waving elaborately. She seems even more off-kilter than usual. Greg sits in one of the living room chairs. Julie is at his feet, involved in what appears to be a mini version of whack-a-mole. Julie clutches a toy hammer and goes after the lighted figures poking out of holes. Greg hears the mechanism within grind out its motions through tiny sprockets.
    Rebecca talks for fifteen more minutes. She continues pacing back and forth nonstop. the seat of her blue mesh shorts whip back and forth in sync with her small pelvis. Her pale blue Hawaiian shirt bears a repeating pattern of dark palm trees. The palms curve with the shape of her breasts, looking as though a hurricane gale is bending their trunks. Greg feels an urge to shake those trees.
    Greg notices a clamping around his ankle and shin. He looks downward amusedly, and sees Julie's grinning, pumpkin-like head looking up. Smiling widely, Greg stands from the chair and begins scooting Julie around on the carpet, as he shambles in circles.  Julie laughs heartily. Her little butt sags with his upward motion, then plops back down onto the floor each time.
    "Okay, Goodbye sir. I look forward to it!!"  Rebecca says on her end.
She struts into the living room, hands on her hips.
"Guess who has an interview??" She asks, "Me, that's who!!"
"What kind of interview?" Greg asks, picking up Julie from her foot ride.
"A job interview," Rebecca says, "they said they can squeeze me in at the last minute. They close in an hour and a half. I've gotta get ready."
    She rushes out of the room before Greg can inquire further. With a sigh, Greg picks Julie up in his arms and follows after his scatter-brained girlfriend.
"Can you look after her while I change?" Rebecca asks over her shoulder.
"SureDoes that mean we're not gonna hang out?"
"At least not until my interview's over," Rebecca shouts from upstairs, "I'm sorry, this just kinda sprung up at the last minute. I'll call my usual babysitter. She can watch Julie all night, then we can go out later when I get back."
    Julie rests her head against Greg's shoulder as he sits on the luxurious kitchen stool. Greg pats her back and stares vacantly out the window. Darkness was settling in. The sun winked it's last rays as it set. Greg just got there, he didn't want to leave. Maybe--
"I can watch Julie for you," he shouts upstairs.
"Oh, I can't ask you to do that. You'd be bored silly." She shouts.
"I don't mind. We get along alright. You can save money on a babysitter."
    Rebecca returns to the kitchen, cell phone pressed between her ear and shoulder as she puts on her woman's blazer. The loud hawaiin shirt is replaced by an ivory blouse. Greg yearningly looks at her long legs poking out of a tight miniskirt. As Rebecca kneels to put on her high heel pumps, Greg spies the light seam up her stockings, as well as a garter, attached by a small silver clip to her hosiery.
    He can't believe it. Garterbelts and stockings were the stuff of pubescent daydreams. Teachers, librarians, secretaries. Greg ran off the list of well-known porn scenarios where stockings were worn. The true world puts somewhat of a damper on passion. Some guys liked pantyhose, but Diane had preferred to wear those, and the sweat and body heat they generated did not equal sexy. Many times Greg had pulled Dian's pantyhose down, only to forgo cunnilingus because of the crotch-rot stench from the hose. Stockings were much sexier, and actually more practical.
    Saving Rebecca's child closely resembled winning the lotto. He just kept collecting his dividends, and it only got better. His reward was seeing her in these sensuous outfits.
    Setting Julie down carefully, Greg ambles over to Rebecca. She is securing a strap across her ankle, her butt still raised and inviting. The phone is still cupped awkwardly by her shoulder, but she is not speaking. Greg can hear the low sound of a recorded message picking up. Rebecca sighs with frustration, and tosses her phone to the rug with a thump. As she switches to lace her other foot, her butt waggles fetchingly. Greg grasps her hips, unable to control himself. She starts slightly, and nearly falls. Greg's touch becomes an anchoring force, preventing her from spilling. She stands up, tugging at the skirt to pull it down from its risen height.
"You startled me." she says
"Sorry. I couldn't help it. Your butt looks so damn good, I just wanna bite it." Greg says with verve. He clacks his teeth to show the strength of his maw. She rolls her eyes.
"Just keep it in your pants till I get back from this, okay?" Rebecca scolds, "I wasn't able to get the sitter. You said you can watch Ju-Ju, right?"
    She pivots her head to put on an earring. The muscles in her neck draw out, accentuating the curve of her collarbones and chest. She'd better leave quick, Greg couldn't take much more of this unintended arousal.
"Yeah, I'll watch her, sweetie," Greg confirms.
"Great. I'll call you when I'm done, okay?"
    Greg steps up for a kiss. It feels automatic now, to seal their leaving with a smooch. But Rebecca swings her head away.
"Please don't kiss me, my lipstick will smudge," She says worriedly.
"No kiss? What a ripoff," Greg jokes.
"Give me a butterfly kiss," Rebecca suggests.
"A what?"
    Rebecca places her hands on his shoulders and presses her forehead against his. With 3 inches of heel, Greg's height advantage is diminished. Her calves are flexed smoothly, a result of the posture of her high heels.
"Now just rub your eyelashes against mine," She says. Greg begins batting his lashes back and forth. It does little more than make his eyes itch.
"This is stupid," Greg says, pulling away from here, "what kinda weird, virgin, christian kiss is that? We look like a pair in epileptic seizures!!"
    Rebecca shrugs and grabs her purse. This is a different bag than usual, and matches her outfit to a T.
    "I made pork-chops with white gravy. They're in the oven, you can heat them up."
"Okay," Greg says
"One more thing. Julie's not wearing a diaper now. If she has to go potty, take her to the bathroom. There's a kiddie stool in there she can use."
"Oh. Uh, allright, I think I can handle that."
"If you want, you can rent a pay movie on the satellite. I don't care. I'll be back later, okay Greg?"
    Rebecca nudges the front screen door with her caboose, and waves frantically to Julie, while backing out the door. The hydraulic arm at the top of the frame swooshes as it pulls the door closed. Greg is alone now. The child is  now under his watch. It is somewhat daunting, but Rebecca has shown the level of her trust by relinquishing her child to his care. Score one for Greg.

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