Crook Takes Pawn Part 72

Greg spent the day away from Rebecca. She texted him five times in 3 hours, asking when he would come back over. Greg was laying low, playing the reverse-psychology card. He told her that something came up, and he would call tomorrow. Her reply? =(
    His ploy worked like a charm. She told him to call her right when he got up. He then texted that he would be working tomorrow. Originally, she had planned to skip class, just to be with him. Now that he was running the store, she would just go to school to waste some of the day away until she could meet up with him. Always keep em guessing, Greg thought pompously.
    It never struck him as strange that he himself seemed engaged in the same reverse psychology he was utilizing against Rebecca. When she was out of town with her sister Amy, it was intolerable. But now she was back, he was camouflaging his whereabouts. A twisted logic is unable to discover the roots of its own hypocrisy.
    Greg lapped around his small enterprise. What to do, what to do? Paint. It was the only improvement left, really. Which color would be best? Might as well be blue, to match the carpet. But where to buy it from?
    His first inclination was Jerry's Remnants store. In addition to carpet, they sold an array of interior paints and varnishes. But, there was the unpleasantness with Gus to consider.
    Wait a minute Greg didn't do anything wrong that time. It was all Gus, with his schizo behavior. Greg might be guilty by association, though.  Jerry wouldn't be there, Greg was almost positive. What owner works on the weekends when they don't have to? Randy would most likely be working. If Greg could simply avoid Jerry's surly interaction, it would be easier to get the right paint. Randy would know which tone of carpet Greg bought, and could give advice on which shade to buy. Alrighty. Next stop, Jerry's remnants.

    A soothing ambience of music hits Greg as he enter's Jerry's. There was something reassuring about being here. Everywhere, there were blue collar guys with shopping carts full of tools and hardware. This was a place to improve one's surroundings. All customers were looking to enhance their value and worth. Greg could relate wholeheartedly.
    He ambled through the aisles, trying to catch sight of Randy's puff of red hair. He wasn't by the carpet section. He asked one of the other sales associates if Randy was working tonight. They said yes, but he was on the dock. The person asked if they could help him instead. Greg just told them to have Randy come out when he wasn't that busy.
    Paint was only partially the reason that Greg came out here. He wanted to get more info on what happened between Gus and Jerry. At last, he catches sight of Randy. He was in what looked like an office, built upon the top of a display of furnaces. The office had a waist-high partition running around it, and Greg could make out the top of a desk, and a high-backed chair. Randy was standing, leaning over the desk and going through a folder. This was obviously Jerry's office. It seemed just arrogant enough to tower over everything, but wanted everyone to see how openness was a part of Jerry's ownership. Greg walks over to the office and shouts up at Randy.
    "Hey!!" Greg calls. Randy peers over the edge of the divider.
    "Hello. Greg, was it?" Randy says, starting to come down the winding stairwell that led to the batwing doors that served as the entrance.
    "how's the carpet biz?" Greg asks.
"It pays the bills. What can I do ya for?" Randy asks pleasantly.
"I need some paint," Greg says, "Do you still have the swatches for that roll I bought last time."
"Sure thing."
    As they walked, Randy talked over his shoulder.
"Gus is gaining some ground," Randy comments, "he showed me the drill he got. I think the old fuck might recover."
    "Yeah, I'm glad," Greg says, "it was a bad day, when he and Jerry made a scene here. What was that all about?"
    "Well, it's like he said," Randy says, as he flips open a color palette book, "Jerry stole everything right out from under Gus. And he did it right when Gus was at his lowest. Those two go back quite a long way."
    "how so?" Greg asks.
    "Jerry worked with Gus for years. He was one of the initial employees he hired on. Gus taught him everything he knew. Gus made Jerry the manager of one of the other remnant locations. Jerry wasn't content to be just the operating manager. He knew Gus was in hot water with the bank, and took advantage."
    Randy locates the proper paint swatch and heads over to the paint section.
"Did you need interior, or exterior?" Randy asks.
    "So, Jerry did a little research and found out the bank had a series of liens against Gus' home, to try to recoup the losses from the foreclosure. Jerry bought out the liens, and within 90 days, he owned the house, because Gus defaulted. He got Gus' house for pennies on the dollar. Then, he sold it for 3 time what he paid for it. With that money, he bought out the remaining equipment from Gus' chains, and incorporated them all together."
    Randy is mixing the blue paint as he talks. He presses several cylindrical handles to pump in the proper amount of hue, and then turns on the paint shaker, to mix it. The paint sloshes inside the aluminum can, much like the unpleasant memories being disseminated.
    "I think Gus still owns the copyright to Carpet King, but his kingdom was pillaged by Jerry, like the fuckin' barbarians of Rome. Jerry bought the lease on Gus' buildings and uses them for storage now. It's like insult to injury."
    the paint shaker buzzes as the timer goes off. Randy repeats the routine, and soon another can is being mixed. The last remnants of the remnant business were stolen right under Gus' nose. Randy pounds the lid of the paint can with a hammer, to ensure a tight fit, then hands it to Greg.
    "Listen," Randy says, running a hand through the red fringe of his hair, "you should tell Gus to stay away from here. Jerry is on the warpath. I heard Gus got his blazer impounded. You know who reported an improper parking violation to the YMCA?"
    "Jerry?" Greg asks dumbly. Randy nods.
"I guess Jerry didn't take to kindly to how Gus was acting, and wanted some payback," randy speaks quietly, "Don't tell him, though. It'll just ignite the fire under Gus' ass and it'll escalate more and more. I've gotta get back to work, but tell Gus I said hi. And remember, it's our little secret, okay?"
    "Okay," greg says, and Randy climbs the steps back to the office to resume his activities. Greg buys the two cans of paint, feeling like he just bought a product from the devil. Jerry's methods were harsh and betraying. Judas might as well have sold him the interior latex paint, along with a bag of silver.
    Greg had never painted the store before. He hired Donny to paint the outside, but as funds dwindled, Greg never got around to applying a coat to the inner walls. Three forths of the walls were brick, and the back was a combination of cinderblocks and paneling for the walled-in office. At least he didn't have to scrape any old paint.
    The actual applying of the paint didn't take that long. Covering the carpet and computers with blankets and tarps was the hardest part. He didn't go so far as to put tape around the floor trim, but wanted to keep the carpet spot free, anyway. He went through three paint roller brushes before he was done.
    He opened up all the windows, to offer some ventilation. Even with 2 full size floor fans, Greg felt himself getting loopy from the fumes. By the time he applied a second coat, the paint cans were empty and it was close to 9pm. He checked his phone and got an enchanting surprise.
    Rebecca sent him a picture of herself in sunflower yellow bra and panties. She was holding the camera slightly elevated, and Greg got an arial view of her lovely lady lumps. Her hips curved downward, spreading out into that eternal hourglass shape.  The underwear were Joe Boxer brand, with a cartoon eye on each brazier cup; a smiling mouth with gaping tongue hanging out was plastered across the crotch. There was another pic. He scrolled through and saw an even more erotic scene. In this separate one, it was a point of view from herself. The panties were pulled down to her knees, and her hand was
between the fork of her legs, covering her pussy . Along with both pictures, she sent a text: I'm lonely, cum on over :P
    Greg surmised the misspelling of "come" was not a result of auto-correct on her phone. The emoticon symbol was similar to the smiling tongue logo on her bikini style panties. Greg rethought his reverse-psycology scheme. She looked primed and ready. He texted her.
'are u still on ur period?'
--yeah, but it's slowed to spotting. It should be done tomorrow.
'then I'll see you tomorrow' he typed. What balls to send that reply. He only hoped he knew what he was doing. A BJ would be nice again, but if he waited, their fuck fest would be extraordinary. And also, the more he pushed her away, the harder she pushed back.
Her reply? =(


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