Cruel Abortions

Those who know me, know I'm against abortion. I'm also against rape, incest and physical abuse.
Due to my experience in dealing with persons of mental and psychological problems, especially while they are under emotional stress, I'm against using psychological influences to affect personal choices in their lives.

Deep emotional and moral dilemmas regarding abortion is best left to those who have a loving interest in the individual. If the individual is cold and unmoved by her situation, then it is no use to convince her other wise. I understand some churches and anti abortionist organizations have worked hard  to reduce the incidents of abortion. There are also other affiliations that encourage abortion for those who are poor and less able to provide.

My complaint is against a new Texas law,  signed by Republican Governor Rick Perry, that requires women to receive a sonogram with the administrator giving a detailed description of the fetus.  The patient's doctor is required to describe the image, detailing the size of the embryo or fetus.  Women who have been raped or the victims of incest are not subject to the law. Small mercies.

This will be to many women a sick tortuous episode that will do no one any good. It is worse then some asshole describing your actions as you remorsefully shoot your dog in it's best interest. Sick twisted fucks!
Uploaded 05/23/2011
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