Currency wars

We in america have, for a long time, have been using our economic power as a force for imperialism. Today is no different, the fed is issueing a new round of buying up bonds and flooding the country with trillions of dollars. This will devalue our currency and make imports more expensive, making our home market stronger while at the same time deepening our peoples debt. We are not only flooding our market with dollars but our heros on wall street (sarcasm) are taking our currency, buying other currencies then asking those nations to raise their currencies value,they are dumping our money (debt) on other nations. This has worked in the past but 3rd world nations and asian countries are too familiar with this tactic and are getting very angry with us.In the past we had to invade countries to take over their economies, now we just buy them. Watch the nations of the world will continue to isolate us based on our currency wars and new age imperialism. Get ready for an american shit storm people, its about to hit the fan. We have noone to blame but ourselves, wait no, we didnt cause this, the wall street gang caused this, if it was up to the people we wouldve rebuilt new orleans before counquering another nation, we would keep jobs here becasue our people need them and we would have let the bankers fall, and even imprison some of them, but if you support what this government is doing, and btw it doesnt matter whose president bush barrack its all the same shit (you idiots)  but if you support this you are incredibly naive and gullible, the only this thats going to stop the wall street gang is an uprising, the tea party is definitly not the answer. Im not saying violent (for the feds watching me now) but we do need to stand up to these people because if we dont, it is going to get worse and worse. They dont give a shit about us

they could turn half this nation into a third world country if it would keep their profits up, and that may be were we are heading, we have no infrastructure repair funds, no jobs, and the banks just want to lend more money to people (our currency is backed by debt, not gold) but what does that mean to me and you. thats right. more work, less tangible capital, and all the worthless dollars you can choke down, it is imparitive that you people see that the workers and the poor in this country are DIRECTLY related to the workers and poor in other countries, if it happens to them, itll happen to us.

Uploaded 11/05/2010
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