Cute Pups in Film

In response to those who are sick of cats or would just consider themselves dog people instead, I've gone ahead to do a blog on a few of the cute pups of film. Granted, a whole slew of mutt films exist out there, and I love kitties more than pups, so just consider this a goodwill effort on my part to appear fair and unbiased as I appeal to the other half:

Verdell, the As Good as it Gets pup


Melvin (Jack Nicholson) is a miserable, OCD prick novelist who hates everybody and everything, including his neighbor, gay contempo artist Simon Nye (Greg Kinnear). But when Simon ends up in the hospital after a brutal mugging, this teeny Brussels doggy is the only one that can warm Melvin's cold-blooded heart. I will admit, he looks cute when he sits so patiently next to his little food bowl.

Queenie, the little poodle pup from The 'burbs


Queenie belongs to the crotchety, Mr. Rogers-looking neighbor of Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks), and is always being let out to shit on people's lawns. Although she's always impeccably groomed, the neighbors end up finding her disheveled and covered in dirt one day, with her owner nowhere to be found, leading Ray to believe the old man became another victim of the Kolpek's, a newly moved-in family of what he believes are evil Satanic cultists. Queenie's cuteness is highlighted at the beginning, with the use of puppy-yip sound effects over music as she runs onto other property to leave coiled piles.

Jack, the bad doggy from Lost & Found


This Norwich Terrier is at the heart of this film, where Dylan Ramsey (David Spade) kidnaps his gorgeous neighbor's dog as an excuse to get to know her as they go on a massive pup hunt. In the meantime, the very bad dog makes a huge mess, barks at the most inopportune times, and even gobbles up an unbelievably expensive diamond ring.

Puffy, the tortured pooch from There's Something About Mary


The quite gross old lady neighbor, Magda, has a redeeming quality in this film: her cute little Border Terrier named Puffy. Puffy doesn't like bad guys and knows one when he sees one, which is exactly why Healy (Matt Dillon) puts him through hell in order to subdue him and make it look like Puffy just absolutely loves him.

Honorable Mention:   '84 "Sheep Dog", The Mutt Cuts Mobile from Dumb & Dumber

mutt-cutts-sheepdog-truck1.jpg                 CA0223_dumberro2_02-23-08_S393RCE.jpg

Harry (Jeff Daniels) was working as a groomer for Mutt Cuts before he and his buddy Lloyd (Jim Carrey) set off on a cross-country trip to return a suitcase to Lloyd's crush, completely oblivious to the fact that it held ransom money for the kidnapped husband of the woman, who doesn't know or like Lloyd anyway. The decked-out van and puppy costume are beyond cute, however.

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