cutedude, a couple things you should know...

1)  You are not cute.  Youre a douchy looking asshat that no one wants to be around.  You look like if I got within 30 feet of you, Id die of lack of oxygen because there is a huge aura of chemical fumes around you.  You probably smell like one of those guys who just got done jacking off to gay porn for the last 6 hours, and forgot to wash your hands, so theres still cum and lube residue all over them.  I'll tell you one thing.  I do NOT envy the last person who shook your hand.  Gross...

2)  Your blogs suck.  Aside from the fact that you cant spell and your grammar is absolutely horrible, the things your write about are just dry, dull, boring, and quite frankly... they are an abomination before man and God.  Who the fuck cares about how your summer went, or about this one time when you and your redneck, gay-ass lover Cletus picked up a "hich hiker."  I certainly don't.  I hope you fall off a really tall building and your eyelid gets caught on a rusty nail halfway down.

3) Anyone that comes around making a username "cutedude" seriously needs to get over himself.  I can say without the slightest iota of a doubt in the entirety of the two universes that all of ebaumsworld is embarrassed to have you around.  Drink bleach.

4) Are you gay?  You homo.

5) Your mom is god awful in bed.  And when she pulls down her panties its like watching Jaws III.

6)  ???

7)  poop
Uploaded 08/24/2011
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