Or just a coincidence?? Every girl I have had a threesome with, doesn't have a Father in their life...... I think Im either on to something or just reading too much into it.

I am engaged and have been with the same girl for 6 years. About 2-3 years ago, she overheard me having a conversation with a friend. I had asked him if he would get upset or jealous if his Girlfriend had kissed another Female. He said YES. When she heard me tell him I didn't care what she did with a girl, as long as there was no other PENIS involved, she was very interested. Ever since then she started being very open about her attraction towards women. She wasn't looking for any kind of relationship with a female just FUN! Of course, I was very supportive.... :)  My fiancee doesn't have a father in her life...


Girl #1 - Some time passed by and we met a girl who was interested in both of us and wanted to be my girls first Girl on Girl experience... So needless to say we all had a Great First time experience!! She didn't have her biological father but her mom had a boyfriend whom she didn't have a good relationship with.

Girl #2 - This girl was my friends girlfriend, I know I know.... Thats pretty fucked up. But he deserved it. Me and My friend Got into an arguement because he had started drinking and was being very disrespectful to his girlfriend and was getting physical. He apologized and we all went out AGAIN later that week. Again, He started his SHIT and started sitting on her and just being OBNOXIOUS!!! So I finally had enough, made him leave and his girl stayed willingly. The night was ruined and we were just hanging out enjoying the view from my hotel room. Next thing I know, she straddled my Fiancee and it was ON from there.... She had a Mother that lived in NEW MEXICO but her parents had been seperated for a good time. So again, NO FATHER!


Girl # 3 - We met this girl through a friend and she had never been with a female and wanted to try it out. This girl had a father but he died when she was around 15. I didn't meet her until she was 19.... But she stuck around the longest and would often spend the entire WEEKEND with me and my Fiancee, Im not complaining!!


Girl #4 - Another girl, lives on her own and very independent.. I never really asked her about her Parents, or maybe she told me and I just wasn't paying attention... LOL. But she came out with us For my Birthday last month and we all had a GREAT time!!! Anyways, she got really drunk and started mumbling in her sleep about how she hates her parents and that she misses her Father... Hmmmmmmmm.


Girl #5 - This girl is still on the backburner. She is interested in me and my girl but she has never done something like that before. Im still working on this one, I will let you know how it goes. LOL.... If she doesn't have a DAD, Im gonna FREAK OUT! LOL haha

I was sitting at the house smoking a blunt the other day when I realized all the girls that have had an encounter with me and my fiancee, don't have Positive Father Figures in their lives....

Not even my Fiancee.. So Far I have not discussed my Theory with anyone else. I figured I would see what you guys think first. LOL


Lemme know



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