I love my two dogs. No one has ever been closer but my family. Theyre always excited when I come home from work, jumpin on me and waggin their little tails. I used to think little dogs are gay, but those damn pit bulls and rot weilers are so common. People dont realize how stupid they are till they buy em. We have two Italian Grey Hounds, chico and tini. So friggen smart man. Dont let their size fool you, they were used by ancient Egyptians to hunt lions and rabbits. Tinis kind of a bitch, shell bite and try to draw you into a fight. Chicos just reserved but kind of skitterish. Hes got a big heart though, it just takes a while to get to know him. Hes my best bud. I still got a place in my heart for cats, but dogs are a little more open about their love.

Whats going on in the world right now? You notice how the news just kind of slowed down all of the sudden? What the fuck is going on. Egypt? Nobodies talking about it. Middle east? Old news. I feel like its a gentle calm before the storm. I dont like it one bit.
Uploaded 02/21/2011
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