well im not going to lie im bored as hell right now and this is about all i can think to do, plus i kinda plan on winning something from this website maybe 20 years from now cause it takes shit ton ebones or erep points to get things. no one probable cares at all but its fine i just want to keep entertained so im going just update everyone about my life and some other random stuff. First off no more high school.......thank god. I just miss seeing my friends, and not having to provide for myself though. all i have been doing is working, drinking, looking at this website and which i believe this website gets some of its featured videos from if yall never been to website before you should check it out. It is pretty good but the community is no where as good as this one, I like the Nut jobs that use this website except for a few dickheads.......cough..cough...REDNOTE....excuse me.

anyways i dont know if yall have seen Green lantern, but that movie blows! worth rental yeah sure, but not worth going theaters to see, especially if you go see it in 3D, the only damn thing i rember being in 3D was opening credits!......Shady ass Hollywood theaters charging me like 7 dollars for Hotdog, I swear it better been made with bald eagle meat to be costing that much. I know im late on it but damn im bummed about Ryan Dunns death, he was a bad ass and one of my favorites. I kinda felt a connection with all of the jackass crew cause I have watched them every since I was a kid, Hell i would get couple of my buddies and play jackass doing little stunts and stupid shit. damn the good ole days.....but im not that old at all im about to turn 19. I swear im the youngest person on this site haha, well shit im about to go take a dump and watch 3 seasons of x men cartoons.   
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