Damn myspace Quiz adds

so Im sick of these damn myspace quiz adds that come up every time you open a fucking webpage weather its be on myspace or not stupid ass stuff like

"is your husband gay?" well if hes hitched to me he better be gay because I would be severely pissed to be married to a dude just to find out hes straight and I wont be gettin laid

"Are you batman?" come to think of it I might be because my home city of Youngstown is pretty full of crime all because I go to bed at 11 o clock

"Who is your 80s heart throb?" Jesus Christ you better believe its John stamose I didnt need a fucking quiz to tell me I love Uncle Jesse

"how emo are you?" shit Im not wearing girls pants I dont cry a lot nor do I cut myself so Im guessing Im not very emo douche bags

And my favorite "is your wife cheating on you?" well I fuckin hope not because that means shes been screwing around before I have even met her

If you need quizzes to find shit like this out well then youre an idiot 


Uploaded 01/20/2009
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