Damned fanboys.

It never seems to get old seeing the non ending struggle of ps3 fanboys vs xbox360 fanboys. I own a 360 and love it. Yeah it has its drawbacks but hell, it was cheaper and offered just as good of graphics as a ps3 with bluray. Don't get me wrong, I borrowed my friends PS3 and enjoyed playing on it. I think the PS3 has some strong titles, as well as xbox. I want to own both in the near future. In my opinion, both consoles are for the most part equal. And before one fanboy goes nuts and starts shouting "BLURAY BLURAY! suck it 360 boy" Yeah the bluray is badass, but the only reason developers don't fill it up is people would lose intrest in a 120+ hour game. And theres only so much most basic shooters and action games can do without it becoming a bland story, or super repetative (most already are at 10-20hr), or even just struggle to come up with material to fill that void. RPG's would do good I think. To be honest I really don't know why I like the xbox more I just do. lol, and before someone posts saying that the xbox does nothing but RROD (red ring of death) the ps3's also have their deaths on the rise. Go to youtube and check out the YBOD (yellow bar of death). So in short, Yes I am a xbox fanboy. BUT I also want to own a ps3 so I can not only say I have both but I can change up game play with diff exclusive titles.




Oh p.s. SUCK IT WII FANBOYS!!!! lol

Uploaded 07/19/2009
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