Dancing when I should be Studying

     Well, there's not much to do out here.  The current Army Brigade on deck held a dance tonight.  I guess they do it every Friday night.  There's a cute (ok DAMN HOT) Sergeant that I figured I would not ever stand a chance with.  She is always nice to me.  She saw me at breakfast two days ago and asked me to go to the dance with her.  I had two choices, yes or no.


     I've never danced before.  The fear factor was high.  But I'm old enough that people laugh at me, for just walking.  Here a certified Goddess is asking me out.  Of course I'm going to say yes, then I'm going to try like hell to stay off of the dance floor.  LoL.... good luck with that.  I found a picture of a flower online and I e-mailed it to her last night; and I told her it would have to suffice as a substituion for the real thing which isn't available out here.


     I get there, and find out that she is the hostess, and very busy; but she did get the e-mail of the flower, and I was in like Flinn...  I figure it's going to be easy to stay off the dance floor since she's so busy.  Besides, nobody is dancing.  A song came up and all the women grabbed hands and RAN to the floor (her included).  First dance of the night.  Mostly women, some men joined.  Everyone was lauging at one of the ladies there.  She was humorous, I must admit.  I thought how much more they would laugh if I got out there.  Finally my Date made it back around to me; and wanted to know why I didn't go out there. LoL, I made the fatal mistake. I leveled with her and told her I had never danced before.


     Ok, I was going to dance--no arguement about it.  Wouldn't you know it?  The one chick that everyone was laughing at LEFT the dance floor when we went up there.... so I became the object of everyone's redicule.  OK, well, that didn't matter.  I was with the Goddess.  She was directing me, so I just concentrated on her.  There's the tip, guys.  The women FLOCK to you, especially if they find out it's your first time to dance.  All you have to do is stand there and move your arms to the beat.  Do not jump, do not make any fancy moves, maybe move a little to the right and a little to the left every now and again, but mainly just stand in place.  Your Date will tell you when to move, and don't worry if you look stupid.  Trust me, you do; but they don't care, so why should you?  They love it.  You have a good time, and your Date appreciates you. After all, this is THEIR time, not yours.  You are there to make them happy and give them what they want and need.  Concentrate on your Date and only on your Date.  If she has something to do, or doesn't mind, and you can dance with someone else, give them nearly the same amount of attention you gave her, but not quite the same amount.  Your time will come later.  And yes, I did dance with several other ladies there, so it's worth it all.

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