Ok, so I wrote my heart out this morning before I went to bed.  I got up at one point, and looked at the blog.  I had 2 people give it 5 stars, and a decent comment.  However I looked closer and it was wrought with mistakes, a result of me being UBER tired when I got off of work.


      So I hit edit.  A pop up comes up and says something like, "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this blog from your submissions?"  NOOOOOOOOOOO, I hit cancel.  It takes me back to my blog.  WHEW.  Let me make DAMN SURE this time that I hit the correct button.  I pause over edit.  I read it several times. I hit edit.  "Select a topic for your new blog."  WTF?


     In a panic I hit the back button, it takes me back to my blog, but its empty.  No words.  Oh I'm so pissed.  I hit "blogs / just submitted" and there it is, but with no stars.  I go into it, and its blank.  I go to my profile, go to my submissions, and it's not there.  I go back to blogs just submitted, and its not there.  I think EBW has a mind of it's own.


     Anyway, Twidget danced his very first dance tonight!  Ok, I got up in front of a bunch of people and made a fool of myself, but hey, I had fun.  It took my mind off of the disappearing blog for a while, anyway.


     So in summary, I poured my heart out. I made many grammatical and spelling errors.  EBW hates me.  People laughed at me.  I had fun.  I think that about covers it!

Uploaded 08/19/2011
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