So I saw a sign the other day that I found sort of curious.  Its just a few words but it could be taken a few different ways.  I feel it warrants further investigation.  I mean, seriously.  Just hear me out on this one.  O.k. so the sign reads:*DANGER...Pool ClosedOMFG EVERYONE!!!!  *runs around waving arms in panic*  RUN!!! THE POOL IS CLOSED!!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN!!!! HURRY!!! EVERYONE, DANGER!!!!!  I mean, serious.  Does it really need the dramatic DANGER in bold frantic letters telling me the pool is closed?  Where is the DANGER?  I can see the pool.  Nothing looks dangerous to me.  I don't see any fires.  No spikes.  No Bigfoots.  Nothing of danger around the pool.  Could be in the pool........Nope.  No Sea Monsters.  No downed power lines.  So what the hell?  Where is the DANGER?  So is it telling me that because the pool is closed that there is somehow some DANGER in or around the area of the pool?  What could it possibly be?  Its gotta be something bad because it has closed the pool.  But how am I supposed to know if there really is nothing telling me or showing me its dangerous.  Is there some sort of flesh eating bacteria (yes I know, cliche) that will kill you or me if you read this blog?  How am I supposed to know?  All it says is DANGER!!!! POOOOOOOOL CLOOOOOOOOSED!!!!!!!!  In panic-stricken red bold letters.  Like life doesn't stress you out enough but even now the pool sign is yelling at you because the pool is closed.  Like I care if the pool is closed or on lunch break or whatever.  Don't be a drama queen, pool.  Anyway that was starting to go a little far, but still....the point remains.                                         It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or is it really telling me that since the pool is closed that there is now DANGER.  Now what could that really be?  Like if I step within the gate I have instantly put myself in some sort of DANGER?  If so, I know people who live for this kind of DANGER.  I mean, forget robbing a gas station.  Just hop the little gate of a closed pool and sneak around for a bit.  Is that what the real DANGER is here?  Don't get inside the pool when its closed or you are in huge trouble.  DANGER trouble, man.  Or is it telling me that something DANGER has happened inside the pool and that has caused it to be closed.  That's almost worse because ANYthing could happen in the pool to make it closed.  But how are we supposed to know?  All it says is DANGER!!!!! POOL CLOSED-AH!!!  !!!!  !!!!  !!!!!  I think it all depends on the person who authorized the posting of the sign.  I mean, what kind of DANGER threshold do they have?  It could be from someone pissing in the pool to that bacteria?  I think right about now I'm not going to take my chances.  Why does it have to be so dramatic?  Why couldn't it just say like "Pool Closed"?  Something mellow.  Imagine if you put DANGER in front of any other signs.  DANGER.....MILK ON SALE!!!!!  or DANGER......GARAGE SALE!!!! or even DANGER.....BATHROOM CLOSED!!!!               No One Sees TheseImagine DANGER....BATHROOM CLOSED!!!!  At my work when they are cleaning the bathrooms they put up signs that read "Closed for Cleaning"DANGER!!!!!!  BATHROOM CLOSED DUE TO CLEANING!!!!!!!  No fucking way am I ever using a bathroom that ever had a sign like that.  Not go in or near it ever.  No way.  Noper!  I don't want to imagine what would go on in a guy's bathroom to be not only closed but DANGER.  If I haven't been able to get that sign posted for my own contributions then I can't imagine what you would need to do to get it.  If they kept doing that I would have run out of places to go at work.  See the chaos this would cause the world.  Why with the DANGER, huh?  Oh well, who cares I guess.  ~=IKON=~

Uploaded 08/06/2009
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