Dangerous Territory

    I dunno, my fellow eBaumers. The more you read my work, the more I'm starting to think I might be a decent writer. This is dangerous territory. Unknown waters. There be dragons ahead, and legions of trolls. The trolls I can handle. The decision how to publish is what escapes me.
    Most amateur writers languish in limbo between publishing and death. Should I be so foolish as to think I could actually make a living off my work??? If your enthusiasm continues, I might just have to start planning on expanding my aspirations for being an author.
    i was also thinking about publishing a book of poetry (after CTP, of course). I can assure you it won't be a lil one. I have over a hundred poems posted here on eBaumsWorld. Some of them are only a few stanzas. Some ramble on for pages and pages. Rest assured, if any of you did buy a book of my poetry, you'd certainly get your money's worth; if nothing else, but for sheer volume.
    But maybe I'm just too fucking full of myself. 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag, overflowing with self-importantness. But than again, maybe I'm not. I'll let you decide. I'll keep you posted about my publishing "future". Maybe I can work out something with the moderators here, and they can help sell my book. I see the beginning of a beautiful friendship, hopefully.
    Or, they can ban me, or otherwise ostracize me.. Oh well, I don't expect much. Aim low, and you'll never be disappointed.
Here's to you, faithful readers. Thanks for your lowered expectations. And keep aiming low, fingers nestled on the trigger. It will help me succeed. (No Joke)
Uploaded 06/07/2012
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