Dark Knowings and the Unmolested Mind. Part One

War is necessary, desirable, empowering, decisive and an important part of human evolution.
Now I know most will say Letemdangle is a war lover, gets off on seeing piles of dead mutilated bodies rotting in mud pits. Well, yes I do. I also like watching decaying animals being consumed by maggots and blow flies. The smell invigorates as it repulses. It is like smelling my own shit.

What I don't like is the suffering that takes place before these moments of humanity go wrong.
There is something peaceful about a fully deceased carcass. No more pain, no more trial and tribulations, no more struggling to find sustenance or a reason to live. 

We commend ourselves on the establishment of the science of evolution. The strongest will survive, the most intellectually superior will adapt and continue the species. But when it comes to humans of lesser means, physically and mentally we try and save them to continue polluting the gene pool. We breed dogs, horses, pigs and even useless house cats to fit a special purpose or carry out specific tasks. But the human, we just let that vile beast breed in what ever manner it wishes.

That is why we need war, famine and disease to weed out the weak minded, physically incapable and genetically unstable. The introduction of man made medicines, especially from unnatural sources is a detriment to mankind. It weakens our resolve for survival and consciousness of health and fitness. In the short term it is a hazard, in the long term a death sentence to the proliferation and success of mankind.

There are other great reasons for war and most know why, but few will face their own dark knowings for their lives are filled with a molested mind!

Uploaded 05/29/2011
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