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Well I've been at this blog writing thing for almost one year now and I have observed and learned a few things. No matter how I feel or how much of myself I put into a blog the reaction to it is totally unpredictable. I've written blogs on other sites and while the reactions may be different, they are still unpredictable. I can write something that I feel is total babble and get a positive reaction or I can write something that I believe is profound but no one gives a shit.

At first this bothered me, then it made me question it and then finally I was mesmerized by it. At this point, I feel there is no point to blogs other than shuffling the deck and seeing what comes out of it. Blogs are a crap shoot, it's like a gamble to see peoples reactions. I suppose that is why trolling is a big part of it, just baiting your hook and letting the line out to see what nibbles.

A significant part of my beliefs and decision making is based on my  observation that most people are stupid. While this may seem stuck up, it is simply based on current human history.
There is no point in me explaining these obvious faults of mankind, people take from them what they want.  The nuclear bomb was the invention of intellectually superior beings if you see mankind as the scourge of the Earth, or it was the creation of the cumulative stupidity of human greed for power. It's all a matter of perspective.

What's my point here? Well, that's the point, there is no point. I think of something, I write it down, I proof read it and then post it. Every time I make a blog I am really taking a shit. I eat something, I shit it out, I wipe my ass and I flush it. I get a real satisfaction from having a good shit and blogs provide me with that same satisfaction but as an intellectual stimulus. No wonder my shit stinks!

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