Dating update 2

Had a few hours of unexpected childcare tonight. I called up girlfriend and let her know. I really just wanted to spend some grown-up time, give her a big kiss, and feel her body pressed up against mine. It didn't occur to me that it might be perceived as a booty-call. We've not been dating long enough to make something like that appropriate.


It didn't even occur to me until I was driving over there. To make matters worse, I had bought a bottle of Tuaca to replace the one we drank on Tuesday. I'm not a big fan of liqueur, but I love the combination of vanilla and citrus (even though only an idiot would eat vanilla ice cream with orange juice in their mouth).



So I've got a couple hours, called her on the spur of the moment right before she gets off from work, and come over with a bottle of booze. Looks like I'm making presumptions about what she's expected to do.


She had my shirt off before the door was even closed behind me. My worries were unfounded. The woman is a machine. I hurt my fucking hernia surgery. It's been months since the surgery and it's fucked up again. It hurts when I press on it now. It's not bulging, it doesn't do anything when I cough, but it's been brutally assaulted by a sexy woman's pelvis.


The best part about dating her isn't even the insanely high quality sex. Not to belittle the importance of high quality sex, but she's interesting, she's smart, she can actually tell a story, and we've got a lot in common.


She admitted talking about me to her co-workers today. I apparently don't meet some physical requirements she tells people she has. She's tall, so she says she only dates men 6'3" or taller. I'm only 6'1". She stroked my ego by telling me I meet her height requirement when I'm on my back.


My birthday is this weekend. I invited her out to celebrate it with me. I'm going to take her to my favorite Indian restaurant, Origin India.



It's really a great restaurant for the money. She's into ethnic food, but is scared of Indian food because of a "shit down your leg" hot curry experience. I'm going to order the chicken tikka for her with a side of saag paneer. They're both mild but with a lot of flavor.




So far, she's really low drama. She's also pretty understanding that my kids come first. But she did admit to me that she's a little anxious that I'm playing her and an irate wife or girlfriend is going to come pounding on her door. I think the fact that my kids aren't ready to see me give affection to another woman making my house off limits to her might be part of the issue.


I think I'm going to take the plunge and suggest that we see each other exclusively, me dumping my other girlfriends. She's not the best looking of the three girls I've dated lately, but she's definitely the sexiest, she's got a great body, she's great in bed (an understatement), but most of all, she's really cool and I like her a lot. I'm not looking to get married. I'm not looking for a life partner. I'm looking for somebody I like to spend time with who's cool. She fits that bill perfectly. If it turns into more down the road, even better.


I'm looking forward to seeing her this weekend. This is going to be a great birthday. I'll have a birthday activity for my kids and I planned for Sunday. Saturday is for Beth (girlfriend's name) and I.


Edit: Oh, yoga. Did I mention she does yoga? That adds a whole new dimension to sexual variations. I can tie her up like a pretzel.

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