Day 3 Without Alcohol

My battle with alcohol is going rather well. I have received much support but I guess some people (most likely butt hurt alcoholics) most likely tried to make it harder for me with their comments.

I'm talking about Fartknocker, who, instead of showing me support in my sobriety, kept talking about sweet alcohols in the feature chat. That was extremely gay. Gay and butt hurt.

Regardless of people like him, I am sober and doing okay. I'd like to drink some bison grass vodka or gold vodka... or brandy.

Oh, hazelnut vodka would be nice too.

Those are some of my faves. I would like to drink some vodka, but I don't. I'm not a weak-minded alcoholic like come people. I pity the dorks that have to go to AA meetings and whine about how they used to drink and shit. Wusses. I'm strong and don't need any support group. I don't understand how some people need to be a drama queen about this shit.

Anywho, I've been playing the GTA IV 2013 edition and it kicks ass. Toodles!

Uploaded 07/14/2013
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