Day 4 Without Alcohol

So it's day 4 since I drank alcohol and I'm feeling fine. I don't feel any urge to go out and buy myself any booze. I'm proud of myself and I guess I'm strong-willed. It makes me feel pity to the many people who are too weak to say no to alcohol. This shit is easy. You decide not to drink... that's the philosophy.

Anywho, I've been playing GTA IV 2013 edition for a few days and I liek it a lot. Especially Brucie. He's my fave character in the game. I'm on the second island right nyao, doing missions for some fat mexican girl. They are much more difficult than these stupid short missions I did for Roman. So much action and they are quite challenging.

For example, I had to get out of an FBI set up and I kept getting shot by the SWAT. I had to go the whole way in this stupid car with this dumb dork who kept bragging about how he's some hot shit on the streets. But yeah, I managed to finish the mission on like the 7th try. It was hilarious how I got pissed when on the way to the building, I used a ramp to jump over some roof. The car got stuck in an antenna tower, or some shit and Nico got out inside it. He got caged in that shit and I had to load the game. LOL, this game kicks ass, though.

Uploaded 07/15/2013
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