Day 7 Without Alcohol

I've managed not to drink for a whole week. I noticed that a lot of people are hating on me in the comments for not drinking. Most of them are drunks who are obviously mad that they aren't as strong-willed as I am.

But enough about dorks. I like how GTA IV is so diverse and has a lot of different things to do aside from the main plot. And you can apply tactics and shit. For example, in the mission where I had to free Roman and get top the 3rd floor of the warehouse, there was so many ways to shoot the thugs without getting shot. I had to replay this mission a few times and I applied different methods. For example, I threw grenades from the bottom. I also found out that a sniper rifle with a much better scope could be bought at the weapon store at that moment. So it was very helpful. Especially when you had to shoot the guy who held Roman at gun point, in the head.

I'm very enthusiastic about GTA V coming out soon. I'm sure it will be fun.

I'm so proud of myself. One week without alcohol and I didn't even twitch or any of that shit. I'm glad I didn't promise not to take MDMA during that time. That would be gay. Drinking is fun, but it damages the liver, BTW. If you're a drinker and you think it's becoming your every day activity, you better think about being responsible. The cool kids stay sober.

Uploaded 07/18/2013
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