Day 8,584

Today is day 8,584.  8,584 days ago I was born.  Seems like a lot of days.  Some went buy fast some went buy slow.  Today I find myself stuck on the internet while the cable guy tries to fix the cable in my room.  I have been coming to this website regularly since I discovered it my sophmore year of high school.  Which was about 8 years ago.  I have always enjoyed eBaum for his filter on all the media that it out there.  Back when I discovered this website there was no YouTube and there were not to many websites that provided the kind of entertainment that eBaum provided.  Sure this was not the only one but it was certainly the best and was one of the only ones that has stayed true what it was when I found it all those years ago.

I have always appreciated the filter that he has provided on media.  There is so much out there and eBaum gets just the good stuff for you.  Gets all the bullshit out.  He also keeps it from getting too tasteless.  I appreciated that.  When I first discovered eBaum, Thursday soon became the best day of the week.  Back then that was the only time they updated media.  Now its everyday, AWESOME. 

While I sit here waiting for the cable guy to leave so that I can make breakfast, I realized that maybe I should somehow convey my feelings about eBaum in a blog.  I have never been much for blogging or signing up for websites, but I will make an exception for eBaum.  I feel that it is due.  I feel that I have enjoyed this site for so long, I have had so many laughs that it is my duty to write how I feel about this site on this site.  Actually give credit where credit is due.


You have distracted me in countless important endevours and kept me entertained in countless times of boredum.  In dire straights you have always been there to cheer me up.  Bring a smile to my face when nothing else could.  I think that all on this website can take a moment to reflect on how much this site means to us all.  Maybe we can all show some gratitude for the community that eBaum has built for us. 

My name is Dave and I have now expressed how I feel. 

Uploaded 11/16/2008
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