Day dreams of governance and revolution.

I think I should not have any spare time, as today I was stuck in traffic for two hours -due to torrential flooding stranding me and hundreds, if not thousands of fellow motorists-  of which the first 15-20 minutes I felt like I was stuck in a gridlocked zombie apocalypse scenario as everyone was out of their cars and milling around with no where to go, it was quite easy to imagine the world ending and here I was spending it stuck with foul tempered motorists. You always think in a zombie apocalypse you would be the hero standing aloft a pick up truck with a flack jacket and a double barreled shotgun, however, the sad truth I and you would more than likely be one of the mindless flesh eating ragamuffins, trying to get another nibble of human flesh.           
      While carrying along this dark train of thought I started thinking of the fact that the streets were congested and that cities are fit to burst, people are jobless, homeless, we are massively in recession. I began to think of a world endangering event isn't such a bad idea, if we embarked on a road to WWIII, men would be pressed into service to bear arms, the demand would be insatiable and would not only increase employment in armed forces, police, fire and ambulance service, not to mention logistics and supply, also there would be no job losses, save for recruiting for the thousands killed in action which would cut overpopulation. 
           Any further thoughts were lost as I had to abandon my car and walk home.         
        However, such a thought is ludicrous as yes people would be employed in the fighting, but the collateral damage would be horrific, millions of civilians would lose their lives, infrastructure would be damaged or destroyed out right. The countries engaged in war would be either annihilated or so irrevocably damaged  that they would limp along on massed debts that would hold countries down for many years later -for example, Britain was almost bankrupt after WWII and only paid off the last of its debts in 2005. 
            Where war is not a path any sane person would walk down, something has to give, in our society we are pawns to multi-national companies and governments who are too far removed from we the people, they could not possibly relate to our situation even if their lives depended on it. We rush around to complete mindless tasks for a wage that is a minute fraction of what executives receive in a week, we spend our money on consumer products and things we don't need, the majority of us -including myself- are blind to the utter pointlessness of our very existence, yes we feed our families and care for those in our direct sphere of influence, but we are just tiny cogs in a overwhelmingly monumentally massive machine being driven people who do not care for ours or any others well being so long as their millions are still intact. 
         As my thoughts wound on I figured that the only course of action would be a revolution, for working class people to band together and overthrow the governments that hold us down in the gutter. To put the bonds of false liberty and justice to the naked flame of retribution, to imprison those who have sought to keep the working class the bottom rung of the ladder and share the wealth of the world with those tiny cogs who broke their backs to make their masters millions in the first place. 
                However, my thoughts for revolution were equally as fleeting as my thoughts of all out war, it is my belief that authority corrupts, yes their are tyrants and monsters in power in some countries around the world who went on their vain pursuit of power to suit their own ends. I also believe that a great majority of leaders go into power with the best of intentions but are corrupted by the money and power and the hold they have over those beneath them. I believe such power would be intoxicating and would erode the morals of even the most ardent of would be leaders. To quote the dark knight rises "You either die a hero or live long enough for yourself to become the villain", yes this may be stretching on the context a tad, but it is still valid, if you overthrew a government it would more than likely not be long until your morals are forgotten and you become what you sough to overthrow. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

          As in any election it is my firmest belief that it does not matter who you vote for as whichever party you vote for you still end up a politician. You still end up with an unscrupulous, two faced Machiavellian. I would long for a new government with new opportunities which are for the betterment of mankind without the corruption of power, but I fear it will never come to pass. So long as a person can be corrupted and as long man will yearn to keep his fellow man in poverty while he squanders his wealth we shall never be free. 
Uploaded 06/28/2012
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