Day Six: Binge Drinking

I've managed to go through six days binge drinking alcohol, so far. I guess it's not that tough, perhaps because I'm addicted to alcohol. I like to get drunk and drink alcohol in general. I drink anything, but mostly cheap stuff. I love "bear" and prefer to use it as a chaser for vodka and whiskey. All of that "E" can make a tranny thirsty.

Why would alcohol become an addiction when I'm such an "E'" baby? I don't understand people who don't drink and roll. Even though I drink heavily normally, like more than 3, 4 days in a week, I sometimes feel the urge to binge drink and get drunk. It's strong. Usually when I cant get any "Molly" or any other kind of dope. Perhaps if I was drinking as regularly as I roll, it would become my choice drug. I've decided to drink until I drop, and it's going extremely well so far. I even woke up naked in an alley last night and have no idea how I got there. My starfish was dripping with blood, so I think I was ass raped. I guess I was a little butt hurt, literally. But thats okay. Shit happens. At least I'm drunk.

I have to say that if someone is facing a drinking habit and wants out, they should stop whining and just drink. You only live once. There's so many people trying to sound like they are victims and powerless against alcohol. Duh, It's not weed, it's just the second leading killer of all drugs behind tobacco. In my country, Australia, its the leading killer of all drugs. Alcohol is addictive. Ask a scientist.

But anywho, it's not healthy to drink a lot of alcohol, and you can damage your liver. And if you damage your liver you can get fat and shit, but who cares. I'm all ready a fat sweat hog tranny. So drink, drink, drink.

My alcohol binge is going rather well. I've only blacked out a few times. When I came to this morning, I realized that I shit myself. I was sooo wasted I didn't care, just kept the same drawers on. I have received so much support from my only friends at EBW, but I guess some people (most likely the same butt hurt straight edge goodie goodie and their 200 alts) most always tries to make it harder for me with their comments. This is why I'm such a junkie alcoholic "E" fiend, and why I decided to binge. That was extremely gay. Gay and butt hurt.

Regardless of people like him, I am binging and fucked up. I'm gonna drink some bison grass vodka and gold vodka... And some brandy. Yummy yum. I can't get enough. Oh, hazelnut vodka would be nice too.

Those are some of my faves. I love to drink vodka, so bottoms up. I'm just a weak-minded alcoholic "E" fiend. I pity the dorks that don't drink and shit. Wusses. Just drink already. I don't understand why I'm being such a drama queen about this shit. I guess that's all I know.

Anywho, I've been playing vodka pong with myself because I have no friends, but it still kicks ass because I'm WINNING.

So now it's day six since I started binge drinking and I'm feeling fine. I don't feel any urge to go out. Having no friends can do that to you. I'm proud of myself for not just slicing a wrist, because I'm so weak. I just cant say no to alcohol. This shit is my life. You decide to drink and drug... that's the philosophy.

I really feel like rolling today because I really want drugs. What I feel is anger. And frustration because I can't get any "E"!! I guess I'll just keep chugging that vodka down. It'll have to do. It is tasty though. Yummy yum. I just cant put the bottle down.


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