DC's White Light is the Dark Knight

DC comics have reached Marvel's level (finally), with the release of The Dark Knight. Marvel dominated the comic-book movie scene in the past 8 years, but with superb acting, spine tingling soundtrack, captivating scene structure, and a chilling yet all too familiar storyline, DC finally released a movie to be proud of. Christopher Nolan has created a masterpiece in what many are saying to be the best Batman movie ever released, which is up for a nomination for Choice Summer Movie: Action & Adventure in the upcoming 2008 Teen Choice awards.

All the preconceived notions I had about this movie were destroyed right from the beginning with the sadistic nature of the Joker (Heath Ledger), which was entirely unexpected, considering he has never played such a role. He has even surpassed the utter creepiness of Jack Nicholson's Joker in the 1989 Batman film. His voice, movements, makeup and calm insanity sent chills through the audience every time he flashed across the screen. The best comic villain acting I've ever seen; truly an Oscar worthy performance.

But, of course, what kind of Joker would there be without a Batman (Christian Bale) who, in my opinion, plays the best Bruce Wayne. I emphasize Bruce Wayne because, if you have watched The Dark Knight, then you would probably agree that Batman could have used subtitles, which was the one downfall in his acting. I found myself wondering why it sounded like he had laryngitis and was constipated. If anyone can decipher what he said to Harvey on the rooftop please post it somewhere on the internet! Aside from the speech impediment, Christian Bale does shine as the Batman; his fight scenes were phenomenal and the eerie felling when he suddenly disappeared kept the audience waiting for more. I just hope for our sake Christopher Nolan gives him some flat ginger ale and a cough drop.

Every note in the sound track sends shivers down (or up for you weirdos) your spine and brings you closer to the edge of your seat. DON'T FALL! It will ruin the moment. It flows with every scene which was beautifully directed. Hats off to Christopher Nolan once again for having:

1. The perfect lighting
2. Amazing cuts
3. Spectacular angles

The script with all of its twists and memorable quotes, the comic book feel it radiated onto the audience, all these combined made for a visual explosion which blew my skull and re-kindled my love for Batman. This movie has brought to adults again what they once possessed as a child; awe, wonder, imagination, all those days as a child pretending to be Batman. This movie did it all for me, and I felt (as I'm sure many did) as though I became a citizen of Gotham city.

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