Dead End Much?

Whoever made up the phrase  "Hard work pays off" is an idiot.   I'll explain why.  In this blog I will also show you how to; Determine whether or not you have a dead end job, and how to move up in the world almost effortlessly.

This is Rob's story.   The company Rob works for took a huge hit 2 years ago when their main supplier closed shop and moved production to Mexico and the US.   They had to let go of the majority of their warehouse staff, going from 3 shifts to 3 people.  Rob was one of the lucky 3.  Well, I wouldn't call it luck, because he is the most senior employee of the bunch at 13 years of hard work.   He hasn't received any annual raises since then, but he still felt pretty fortunate to be working.  Up until last week that is. 

Rob's supervisor, who is a very smart man, found another job (that's why he's smart) and recently put in his 2 weeks notice.   After Rob found out he went to the manager and made an inquiry, asking to be considered for the job.  They said they would.   With hopes high Rob went about his job as he had for the past 15 years.  Like any other day he prepared shipments, and after he was done he went into the office to print out the shipping documents. That's when everything came to a sudden stop.   There at his manager's computer he saw a pile of resumes and cover letters; all applications for the job Rob has been waiting more than a decade to get.   After the shock wore off, he pulled up the local job listings online and there it was.  A listing for the supervisor job.

It wasn't just any listing, it was listed through an unemployment program where the government supplements part of the wage.   Rob was aware of this program since I had registered with them back when I was on unemployment.  It's supposed to be an incentive from the government to employers who are creating "new jobs".   He knew right then and there that he wasn't going to get the job, simply because the company was too cheap to continue paying a supervisor the same wage, and wanted to take advantage of a program that wasn't designed for companies who put more people on unemployment than they relieved from it.   They weren't going to promote someone they already had, nor were they going to call back any of the 30 employees laid off less than 2 years back (including 3 supervisors - 2 of which are still out of work to this day). 

Sure, life's not fair, but that shouldn't give people the excuse to blatantly fuck over the people who deserve fair treatment the most.   I have nothing against the government incentive.  They very well could have used that program to hire a new general laborer to replace Rob after he was promoted by default. 

So now, Rob's supervisor isn't the only one working out his 2 weeks notice.  Rob went into his managers office and said "If I can't even be promoted by default, I'm putting in my two week's notice"  His manager laughed, thinking it was a joke.  After realizing how serious he was, he went on to thank Rob, not for his 15 years of devotion, but for quitting so they could hire someone new at a lower rate.  The only other employee who hasn't yet quit just found out about this, and he is also looking for other work.  

So, good luck to Rob's soon-to-be former employer.   Good luck trying to keep your contracts while you train new people.   Good luck keeping motivated individuals after they find out about how cheap you are.   And good luck to the new employees who are so enthusiastic about their new dead-end job. 

Rob is my fiance.  Our wedding has officially been put on hold. 

Uploaded 04/05/2012
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