Dear biggest fan of the frogs fam

Dear Fan of our frog family. Thank you for the dedicated blog. We appreciate it. We love our fans so much. Unfortunately there's a disturbance in the force. Someone thinks they can judge the blog section because they are some perfect blogger, and this is a blog contest. And to that I have to say, who cares how good a blog is first of all. Anything is better then faceless spawn. Secondly to that, my wife had some really good blogs, a lot of people loved it, only this certain person had that negative opinion. Frogslady your blogs are interesting and refreshing, keep em coming. Loved it, 5 stars. Etc etc. From what I see, two girls get jealous because of a possible diversion of attention. Really thats what it boils down to. My wife dont take any shit, shes not gunna let you talk shit an not expect to get it back.

Oh and lastly, the wars that are going on right now? Yah they are for oil. I would know All your government funded schooling of course is going to say, its for genocide, its a religious war, its for freedom. What about our country, why dont we put all that money into our country? Because we can invest and double the investment by getting oil. Thats why.

Thank you, love you all. keeps it realz nigguh

Uploaded 03/20/2011
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