Dear Boss, You would think.....

Just when I think I have life pretty well figured out, something comes along that conflicts with what I always figured to be common sense.

Let me ask you a question;  Say you fuck up at work really bad (damage some property that costs a bunch of money to fix) but didn't get fired for it, what would you do?   Now the common sense answer would be to appreciate the benefit of a doubt you were given, and try your best to now allow that to happen again, in fear of losing your job, or even worse - seriously harming someone.

Ever try pole vaulting a forklift?  It's not difficult to do, and it's even less difficult to avoid.  But I've seen the aftermath of such an attempt... well I shouldn't really call it an attempt because despite what it looked like, I doubt buddy at work really did try and hit that rail road track that was almost level with the rest of the ground. He obviously just didn't try hard enough not to.   With literally a simple flick of the wrist (tilt back option on the joy sticks we have in our machines that we all use every single day) he could have avoided a $30,000 repair job, and the complete disruption of the entire department we work in.  But no... I guess driving (flying) around on uneven ground with your forks tilted back is far less convenient than being without an essential piece of equipment for at least a week.

That makes sense right?  Please... let me know, because at this point I can't make any assumptions.   What baffles me the most above all is the fact that this was by far not his first major fuck up (although it might be the worst to date).   Last week he backed into a large white delivery truck (ironically it was the forklift repairman's vehicle - aka "his good friend").   Earlier that same day he dropped a 1000lb 44ft piece of pipe onto our banding equipment, mangling it beyond repair, and especially use.  He doesn't even know it yet (because he decided not to come to work the next day - probably hung over) but either before or after his try outs for the forklift Olympics he hit some mystery blue object, that left a large gash in the brand new tire we installed earlier this week (yes he flattened the old one too).   He didn't tell anyone about that one... maybe he didn't even know he did it.
Not that it matters.... after he royally bent the flying fuck out of the right fork, (cracking the welds, and bending the shaft that attach it to the mast) , he off loaded 2 trucks, so I doubt a flat tire was going to stop him.

This guy has been warned time and time again.   So here goes my second inquiry.....  I know he's fucked... that much we know.   But why the fuck is he still allowed to drive?  Our company is ever expanding... they are hiring people like nothing else for nice, simple, indoor jobs that bring in just as much for a wage.  Put him somewhere else.... if not for his own good, but for the health and safety of everyone else around him!   It's only a matter of time before he hurts someone.  So much can go wrong. Hell, he's done shit we didn't even imagine possible.

P.S  Mr.Boss, you knew so and so was epileptic before you let him drive, and even longer before he had a seizure on his way to work.  Not only did he tell you, he takes a ride into work every day because the government won't allow him to have a driver's license.  I know everyone makes mistakes, but before you yell at me for taking the day after having 3 wisdom teeth yanked out of my face, off, try for a minute to consider who has seen... scratch that, WASHED your dirty laundry.

So yeah, there's my rant for the month.  Again, it really does help to put what you can't say aloud in a slightly less than scrambled mix of thought and emotion. 

K I luv you bye bye!
Uploaded 01/29/2012
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