Dear creepingjennie

Hey jen.

You know me.  Remember when you fucked with me when I first registered?  We butted heads because you thought I was something I'm not.  Later you apologized because you investigated me and had nothing on me.

Now I'm investigating you.

You are spewing shit so vulgar, that I have lost all respect for you.

A grown woman, with children of her own, promoting child ponography and beastiality posts to facilitate the downfall of a site that you feel has unjustly scorned you and your clique?!

It's fucking shameful. 

Take a good look in the mirror.

You rode your high horse reprimanding people for posting "copy-pasta" or "jokes" in the blog section, and now you are the epitomy of living satan for your own goals.  Are you fucking kidding me? 

What the fuck did Eric do for you?  Do you see him on the site of his former employer spamming the blogs? Do you see him on here trying to sabatoge the site?  Do you see him on here fucking with the program?

He has 17 million in the bank.  You make 40, maybe 50 large as a custodian per year (if that), and you're out here making your self look like a jack-ass.  For what?  You and the rest of his minions are out here disrespecting yourselves like a bunch of fucking tools. 

Let me ask you this.  If something happened to you or your family (God forbid), that put you in a situation where you had to reach out for help...Do you think that Bauman would put out a fucking cent of his millions for you?  Or for anyone else besides his family and staff?  Think about it.  Think about what you're fighting for.

Go kiss your kids and your husband.  Forget about this shit for a while, and I won't ask you what time it is on the clock.

Uploaded 02/13/2009
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