Dear Ravensong

Listen... some of us... well most of us here are kinda throwing you through the ringer here.... and it's to be expected.  I'm actually trying to help you here, because I'm getting a little bored of this now, and want to see the blog section go back to it's prior state.

You can't force people to accept you here... especially with the way you're trying to go about it.  When you throw yourself out there like you do, especially here on ebaums, you're going to get this type of attention.  It happened to me... just like many others.   If you don't like it, using caps and calling people out in person isn't going to change it... you need to either make a change yourself, or go off to find a blogging website that is more in tune to your opinions, your interests, and your type of people.

Sometimes, when you find that no one around agrees with you... you just have to move on.  And sometimes it gets to a point where there is no turning back.  You've done so much damage here, that it would really surprise me if any of the respected members here, changed their opinions of you, even had you given in and became a better member.

Also, you're getting along with the wrong folk. Right now it seems that everyone but the trolls around here hate you, and that the trolls only take a liking to you because it's uncool to do so.... and you fell for it.  Either because you're new here and don't know people, or you just really like any type of positive attention - ignorant to the motives behind it.

You were on the right track with the Abortion blog.  It's ok to make a point that most people will not agree with... it leaves things open to discussion... but if you start talking about bullshit that no one cares about, the topic will soon turn to personal insults on you. It happens all of the time here, and we don't discriminate... we can easily and equally hate anyone here... but you don't know that because you haven't been here long enough.

It really seems like you would do better in a Twilight Facebook group, or some teen chat site. Not here... especially in the blog section. 


If you do want to stick around... please do us all the favor.  Do a little research into what we ebaums bloggers talk about, and enjoy reading.  If you think that's boring, or uninteresting, that means that the blog section isn't for you.  Simple as that.  You can't just go around waiting for someone like you to come around... because they don't... and when they do, they get treated like you, and eventually give up and leave, become spammers, or just hang around the newest features, taking part in comment fads and groups.  You can't change that... no matter who u call a bitch, hate on, or throw capitol letters at.


My deepest sincerity,

- TY


Uploaded 08/03/2010
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