Dear Santa.

    My name is matthew and as you may know I am an asshole.Santa all i want for christmas is for all of my enemys to get cancer. In the brain. Thank you santa i appreciate it. Being a 15 year old ,Life is hard and all i see nowadays are people trying to seem cool for being assholes. But you know how stupid that is... I mean come on..Ok knowing you are on the same page as me Santa i assume you are going to give them the brain cancer for the sake of christmas. So i want another gift ontop of that. Please Santa send me speel check so theiese peeple stop hirassing me.And also i want them to get aids .Being 13 going on 14 you know how hard it is to level in wow. Please give me extra xp per quest and a few epic drops this month.Also I realy liked that cake i had last october it was very rich what was it a ganoli cake? Please give me the recipe.And dont forget the cancer and aids .

  How is the wife? I heard shes kinda slutty..And can you believe snape killed dumbledoore?Me either!!! Also Wtf happened to All those Chips i left for you last year!? you ate them all you fat fuck!! I didnt think You wouldnt leave some for me.....As you may have guessed no chips next year if you eat all the ones i am putting out this time.If you do I will Fucking murder your mail man.Good luck finding another. Jk dont eats all my chips k?

Oh also I appreciated the last favor you did.That fucking pope grossed  me the fuck out. Did you ever find out if he was able to wipe his own ass??People kissed his ring ewwww.

Thanks in advanced.


Your favorite 17 year old, Matt the leader of zombies and also still borns.

Uploaded 12/22/2008
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