Dear Tyaeda or however the fuck your name is spelt

My names x22tizzle and i just want to let your know that you've made a very understandable and easy to overlook mistake. You see Wallboy is my bitch. I own him and he's mine. Like i said, i see why you did what you did calling him out. I mean, this is your way of hurting him since you cant physically beat the fuck out him, You got to make a blog about him and hope you hurt his soul and mind so much he kills himself. We've all been there. But like i said, wallboy is my bitch so you're steppin a little out of bounds but like i said still uncalled for. It's like a knee to sack in a boxing match, your just getting a warning because, understandable mistake. But let me make whats going on a little more clear.

Wallboy is my gimp from pulp fiction. I own him and keep him at my house. See you walked into my house without even knocking and started yelling and screaming at my wallboy. Your saying these hateful things and putting my wallboy in a bad mood. And wallboy doesnt cook very good when hes mad. He doesnt bake muffins and massage my testicles very well either. Now like i said, wallboy is mine you kind of came in and as called for as it is, i cant let that go without at least addressing it. So if you could back off, id say thanks. Wallboy is my bitch.

From, x22tizzle

ps didnt mean any offense on title, just didnt know how to spell your name.


fuck you wallboy.

Uploaded 10/01/2009
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