dearest ebaums


How doth thou feel, these days of new? I am but a mere media uploader of past. My pornography and rant blogs litter the websites history. Long forgotten, passed from, maybe, a story or two of the child on your lap by the fireside, maybe not. Days of trolldom that I, and my long forgotten partner strghtjcktgrl and her allies fought for truth and blogs and or media that shall never be honored. Maybe someday my small battles will be remembered, maybe they meant nothing to your endeavors of riches. The site has grown, and I support it. I will always be there in the shadows lurking, spying, some may say stalking, hoping that someday the blog section will return to what it once was, in the golden age of ebaums. Take my media, saying it's uploaded before me. Though it's been on the site for years. Go ahead, strip my pride. Maybe it's for legal reasons I know not. Usedcar man, I hope that the site pays you well for your foreclosers of my media, that I had featured on my own profile. I hope that your life will be good. Karma is a bitch. I do not personally revenge it, karma works itself out. It's the beauty of the universe.

- Frogethbob
Uploaded 11/06/2012
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