Death and taxes...

Friday January 23, 2009.Currently waiting for my tax return, I'll kill a little time.Next door to the building I work in at 11am today the local PD found a dead body.Now the guy had been missing for nearly 4 days and they just got around to kicking in his private office door....reports were sketchy but it seems he probably had a heart attack.


Of course I took full advantage of the situation to make as many jokes as possible in front of the huge crowd gathered as the coroner performed his duties...In my best David Caruso(kneeling and putting on shades)"well I guess those long hours were really....killing him"...."I guess the bars aren't the only thing dead in this town"..."So do you guys think the coroner can technically drive in the HOV lane now?..."


The shocking thing to me, was that no one gave me any shit about it.Everyone laughed and had a good time watching this poor mans bloated corpse removed from his place of work.Last night the only reminder that he ever lived was the open windows to his office(airing it out) and his yet unclaimed mini-van in the parking lot.It seems he's the third person to die in that very office in the last decade.


Ohhh well.Maybe my tax money will be here monday....

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