Death Magnetic

I've been hearing a lot of shit from people who think the new album sucks. But before you judge, you better know about the band. You can't just come out and bitch about Metallica, if you don't even know who they are. what the fuck are you all bitchy and moany about if you have no idea wtf is goin on? And seriously... IF you didn't listen to every song, and every second of the Entire Album, then i just won't listen to you. That's pretty fucked up how you say the new album sucks, yet you probably didn't listen to it. If i didnt know better, I'd say this album would fit nicely between MoP and Justice. If you have indeed listened to all of their music, and you do know about the band's history, then i will listen to you... If you don't know this, then you cannot say that you like Rock/Metal without knowing Metallica. To all of you who don't like the new album. Go suck it. It's almost to a point where i can't even tell if im pissed or annoyed.

And don't bring up the Napster shit here. If you wanna discuss that, make your own blog about it. I don't wanna hear it.

Uploaded 10/05/2008
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