Death of a vegan

She was short, 5 feet maybe, tops. had long dreads and almond eyes, her great grandfather on the mothers side was Chinese. Short and beautiful, with perfect bottom and bosom...ok, she had splendid boobs and a wicked ass. I loved her. We met, we had some wine in a hill, just as the sun started to fade. We rolled in some dried up grass that left our shirts full of some pointy seeds. We had to go to my house, take the pointy seeds out, lay down in the sofa. She loved portishead, more wine and portishead in the speakers, and weed. She smoked more than i did, honest, but could actually function after, like do work, and speak to people important things without them noticing she was a high as a kite. Hmm, i said, we should have something to eat with this wine, its starting to get to me. Sure, what should we have, she asked. I have some nice steaks, I replied, they would go perfect with this here wine, a dense, deep red Cabernet Sauvignon. Her eyes opening like plates, staring. 

I don't eat meat.

Ok..uhm..damn. really?lol k, lemesee, well, I have some pizzas, we could just throw them in the oven, and..

I don't eat cheese either, and if you didn't make it yourself, the dough most probably has some animal fat in it.

.....whuuh..k, tell me what do you do eat, I thought vegetarians could eat cheese too. 
Im not a vegetarian. Vegetarians take all kinds of liberties, they eat cheese, milk and eggs. Even fish, like that wasn't a kind of meat, the morons. Im a vegan, i actually care for living creatures.
Vegan. that's the first time i ever met one. I failed to notice how serious this thing was, she was a peta member, had subscriptions to vegan magazines, didn't wear, or use or eat anything that had anything to do with animal exploitation. We used to get into fights when i said vegetables are living creatures and have feelings too, that someone somewhere once recorded a plant reacting to boiling water, with an actual pain response. And what about real farm eggs, from chickens that run free and are not like the factory ones, why don't we eat those freely. And what about the contamination of the plastic that was used to make those shoes, instead of leather. She had a response to everything i told her. Eventually, i became a lacto vegetarian for 6 months when we lived together. When we got to the one year anniversary, she was eating cheese, and i was eating eggs and fish. 2 month later, i was making a BBQ in the house with some friends. I saw her staring at the spiced chicken, smelling. She got up, walked to it, grab a honey mustard wing, and devoured it, with no mercy. I forgot how tasty was this poor little bird, she said between her teeth. She just sighed and had another one, then walked away. 
3 months later, it was over. I engaged in another relationship, she married and moved out of the country. 5 years later, we talked at a common friend birthday party. She never went back to veganism after that day. She wasn't any fatter, she was just like the day i met her. She said a part of her died when she gave up not eating meat. She still wont use leather, or wool, nor eat eggs, or milk. She just ate meat and felt horribly guilty. 


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