Death to the family.

Basically this is me venting because I never get a fucking chance to, because no one in reality gives a shit what my feelings are. You don't have to comment sympathy because I don't need it I understand what death is and it is bound to happen to all of us at one point. I'm not asking for comments or anything, just need a place to vent for once.

My brother recently, pasted away from over dosing on Herion, I know the shit he did would bite him back in the ass, and I figured he would end up like this, but he had gotten caught was sent to jail for 4 months then was court ordered into rehab. Week and a half after he got out he relapsed and over dosed. So I guessed after rehab things would be different. I assumed wrong, but now I have all of this shit bottled up from all the way back to my child hood when my brother, let's call him Bobby, died to this point in time when my last biological brother died,.

I also recenty found out my step brother of whom I did not know I had, was living on the streets because my cunt mother decided her addiction was more important than putting him in school for an education. My soon to be 13 year old brother could serve until he is 18 years old in Juvi, then 3 years in prision because he was caught with the possession of herion, and meth. Now seeing as he is living on the streets I have come to looking at this in two ways, He was getting it for friends, or he was an idiot and was doing it himself. Constantly I wonder if I am doing the wrong thing instead of helping him, but I am 22 years old, single and living in a 3 story house by myself (Yes I have money, my parents didn't let me spend as a child and I kept it saved up for quite a long while) but I don't think I could handle that. (If you are wondering how he is 13 and I am 22, my mother bailed out on my and my brothers when I was 8 she must've popped him out a few years later.)

Basically thats a really short story of what the hell is going on in my fucked up life. Thanks for reading.


Uploaded 08/20/2009
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