Debates are like Nascar.

So, I was watching the debate last night when it all occurred to me.  Modern debates are like Nascar.

No one is really tuning in to hear what each candidate has to say.  They say the same thing every day and we have all heard it a million times.  I know you will say that they are reaching out to the undecided voters.  B.S. I do not think their is such a thing as an undecided voter.  In all the elections I have been alive for, both candidates are usually on opposite sides of the spectrum.  How could someone be undecided when it comes to such opposing views.

Back to the point, no one tuned in to see if Big Mac was going to finally give the brilliant answer to solving the world.  They tuned in to see him blow up, lose his temper, and do all the things that have turned him into a so called "Maverick".  He didn't go so far as to lose his temper (but it would have been more interesting) but he made his awkward laugh's and his weird nasal noises.  Still not enough to be a Nascar wreck.

The other guy, the so-called "one" kept cool and calm and portrays himself as this great suave guy.  We were all waiting to see if he would finally flub and just say something that would be horrible ridiculous.  But, it never came.  Why not? 

Where is my Nascar style car crash?  If Nascar went years without a crach people would stop tuning in, and the debate is the same way.

My appeal is for both guys to let lose, let it all hang out and most important of all get under the guy, get him lose and spin him out of control.


Uploaded 10/08/2008
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