Decent looking chicks on eBaum's World

Lately I have been noticing quite a large array of decent sexy girls on this website. The problem with that is, how do you know it's really them? With social networking sites like myspace, It has become common ground for people to steal pictures from other girls & pretend to be them. I Have met some fine & pretty witty females on this sight & I was just wondering if any of them would be down to address & proove the nay sayers wrong. I have heard a few times that bbaby is a guy & I have also heard the same about angiepie &xBl0ndiie . The truth of the matter is both of these chicks seem like really nice people, however if they ARE really guys then that is just creepy & if you guys are subscibing to them just because of the pic in the avatar, that makes you retarded. There are a lot of people on this website that got some cool original material you just got to look. I would also like to big shout out the girls on this website that have made it a lot of fun to visit. People such as Webb1704, Egg, BuG & Shellydazzler always have interesting things to say as well as some original content. Well that's it for now. Peace -Cannon

Uploaded 09/22/2008
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