Dedicated to tomlet and his hateful criticism



                Hahaha, I'm sorry your just so damn hilarious it's just hysterical how you try and turn this thing over and try to make it look like your the one who is winning this conversation how cute. Your hilarious, you already lost this conversation so badly but it's so funny that you keep on putting your feeble attempts up. I have already proved my point that there is nothing wrong with the breed and it is the owner's fault and also the fault of people like you who make this breed look bad. By the way that avatar I had was a symbol of pride in a true American mascott the all american pitbull, but I suppose you don't know anything about true patriotism or faith in your country do you communist? This is why nobody on this website likes you and noone is your friend here, After all your just a pitiful old man who tries to make himself feel better by pointing out the flaws of other people, but that's not enough for you. Dare I say that you stoop low enough to criticize a helpless breed of dog you might as well be a dog. I'm sorry that I am angering you so badly but people need to know the truth about this great breed, and so far you are only making a fool of yourself by providing no evidence to support your theory. You say pitbulls are awful dogs around kids but did you even bother looking at that video of that baby playing with a grown pitbull and the pitbull didn't even leave a single scratch on the baby.


                   This blog is dedicated to people like tomlet who discriminate against a specific breed of dog such as the all american pitbull.




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