Defiant Mosque

Dread's wife wrote a great blog about building a Mosque near Ground Zero and in a perfectly logical and free world the Mosque would be built without controversy.

The world is built on illogical foundations, in the very least once great foundations, like the USA Constitution are crumbling away. There are injustices perpetrated against decent people all over the world and these injustices are now perceived as the "way it is",  "who gives a shit", the "slaughter of 800,000 Rwandans never took place". All kinds of excuses to look the other way.

To view  the Cordoba Mosque as a learning center and a place for Muslims to pray is logical because we assume all religions are equal in North America. But  what if Muslims saw it as more than that?  The name Cordoba is derived from the first city the Muslims captured in Spain. The name Cordoba continues to represent a symbol of Islamic conquest to many faithful Muslims around the world. To unemotional non Muslims the Cordoba House represents a place of worship, to many Muslims, even non radical, it represents a place of conquest.

Rep. Bilirakis Statement on Mosque Near Ground Zero

WASHINGTON, DC (August 20, 2010) Congressman Gus Bilirakis (FL-09) on Friday issued the following statement in regards to the ongoing delays and setbacks for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church at the site of the 9/11 attack: Why have New York City officials undermined our First Amendment rights by showing preference for one religion over another? St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, the only house of worship crushed by the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11, has yet to be rebuilt. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese has been ready, willing, and able to re-erect its beloved church but has been met with persistent roadblocks by New York City officials who have thus far prevented reconstruction of the church. These obstructions are particularly disconcerting in light of the fact that construction of Imam Feisal Abdul Raufs mosque near the hallowed ground where thousands of innocent Americans perished has been fast-tracked. Not only have Port Authority officials expedited permitting of the Ground Zero mosque, but the mosque is free of any architectural and engineering restrictions that are still imposed on the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. I simply ask that New York City authorities exercise common sense while employing the basic tenets of our U.S. Constitution. The government should cooperate with St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and its rebuilding process. It"s not only the right thing to do, it"s the constitutional thing to do.

As we can logically summarize, both Houses of Worship should be built based on religious freedoms and the Constitution, but yet only the Mosque is permitted.

The Cordoba Mosque is not just a building where Muslims will learn and pray, it is a symbol of conquest that will only energize the radical Muslims and cause their ranks to grow. Religious symbols have been used to radicalize people in the past and it is my belief the Cordoba Mosque has been designed to do just that.

The end result of all this controversy will be more hate being created. The people who have created this situation set in motion a hate making behemoth. My question is Why?



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