in one of my last blogs people complained to me that it isn't possible for a female to rape a male.  Most were confused as to what rape is.  truth be told that each individual state has it's own definition.

here i have found a broad definition for use in the united states.

Though definitions vary, rape is defined in most jurisdictions as sexual intercourse, or other forms of sexual penetration, of one person (not necessarily, though almost always "the victim") by another person (typically "the accused" or "the perpetrator") without the consent of the victim.

The term sexual assault is closely related to rape. Some jurisdictions define "rape" to cover only acts involving penile penetration of the vagina, treating all other types of non-consensual sexual activity as sexual assault. The terminology varies, with some places using other terms. For example, Michigan, United States uses the term "criminal sexual conduct".  In some jurisdictions, rape is defined in terms of sexual penetration of the victim with or without penetration of objects. Some jurisdictions also consider rape to include the use of sexual organs of one or both of the parties, such as oral copulation and masturbation. The victim does not have to be penetrated to be raped; the perpetrator can use objects to stimulate the genitals. The perpetrator can use their hand to stimulate the genitals. The perpetrator can use drugs (including alcohol) to incapacitate the victim.

Mostly rape is any sexual act that is committed without the consent of the second party (victim)  this can be oral, anal, masturbation, or penetration.  anything else is considered sexual assault. 

This means women can rape men, through oral sex, or using the man for vaginal penetration.  or it could go further like the use of objects.
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